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Classes in Berlin: Discover unique experiences

Discover cooking classes, wine tastings, painting classes and more creative workshops in Berlin. Book all courses in Berlin directly as a ticket, gift voucher or team event. Are you looking for workshops in Berlin? Do you want to experience something new and bring more variety into your life? You've come to the right place!

What kind of courses are offered in Berlin?

  • Cooking classes in Berlin: Get to know the kitchen of your choice and create a delicious menu under professional guidance.
  • Painting courses in Berlin: Whether action painting, watercolor or acrylic, create your own work of art in a painting class.
  • Tastings in Berlin: Chocolate, whisky, gin, cheese or wine, taste your way through a specialty of your choice.
  • Cocktail classes in Berlin: Join a cocktail course, and soon you will be mixing your own cocktails like a real bartender.
  • DIY courses in Berlin: Pick a DIY project and do it in a creative atmosphere. Whether it's pouring candles, building your own shelf or making terrazzo jewelry, there's a creative class for everyone.
  • Pottery class in Berlin: In the pottery course you will make your own vessels on the wheel and model art objects out of clay.
  • and much more.

How much do the courses in Berlin cost?

Courses in Berlin generally cost between 10 and 650 Euros per ticket. The exact price varies greatly depending on the content of the course, what is included, the length of the course, and the location of the workshop.

Courses in Berlin Duration Price
Tastings in Berlin ca. 1-4 hours ca. 18,00 €-149,00 €
Cooking classes in Berlin ca. 4-6 hours ca. 55,00 €-255,00 €
Cocktail courses in Berlin ca. 2-4 hours ca. 30,00 €-89,00 €
Painting courses in Berlin ca. 2-12 hours ca. 30,00 €-220,00 €
Floristry courses in Berlin ca. 1-5 hours ca. 40,00 €-90,00 €
Natural cosmetics courses in Berlin ca. 1-5 hours ca. 35,00 €-499,00 €
Screen printing courses in Berlin ca. 2-4 hours ca. 45,00 €-100,00 €
DIY workshops in Berlin ca. 2-8 hours ca. 25,00 €-650,00 €
Pottery classes in Berlin ca. 1-8 hours ca. 55,00 €-255,00 €

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Creative workshops in Berlin: Let your creativity flow

In our workshops you can really let your creativity flow. You can work with colors in a painting class, with fabric and yarn in knitting and sewing classes, or with great DIY projects. If you want to create something with your own hands, try a pottery course in Berlin or a creative wood workshop.

Organize team events in Berlin

Are you looking for team building ideas and team events in Berlin? Then you've come to the right place! We also offer all courses, workshops and events in Berlin as team events. We are happy to help you organize your team event.

If you have any questions about our courses and workshops in Berlin, you can contact us via live chat.

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