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Our woodworking classes in Berlin as a top gift idea

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Woodworking class in Berlin


Woodworking classes in Berlin

With our woodworking classes in Berlin you will quickly learn how to work with wood. We will give you lots of wood ideas and show you what to look for. Start swinging your saw and learn how to use different techniques.


Top woodworking ideas in Berlin 

  • Shelves 
  • wooden tables 
  • picture frames
  • and much more

Our woodworking classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced woodworkers. With our carpenters you will create new pieces of furniture that you can then use for your own home. Book one of our woodworking classes in Berlin now and create unique pieces with your own hands.


What does a woodworking class in Berlin include?

Our wood classes in Berlin are designed to give you fun and more knowledge on craft. You will learn various things that will help you get better at working with wood. 


What you learn in our woodworking classes in Berlin 

  • how to carve 
  • how to plane 
  • and how to wax.

The only thing you usually need to bring is a lot of motivation and manual dexterity. Our instructors will provide you with all the materials you need to work with wood. All relevant information can be found on the respective course page.


How long does a woodworking class in Berlin last and what are the costs?

 On average, our woodworking classes last 4 hours and cost around 89€-100€. For more detailed information you should look at the course description of each activity.

Stool classesapprox. 7 hoursapprox. 180,00€
Shelf classesapprox. 4 hoursapprox. 199,00€
Carving classesapprox. 2-4 hoursapprox. 98,00€
Cutting board classesapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 89,00€


How many can participate in the woodworking classes in Berlin?

  • Our public workshops usually have a number of participants of about 15-20 people
  • If you want to book your woodworking class in Berlin as a private event, the number is reduced to about 5-10 people. 

However, this all depends on the organizers, so you should always check the course description.


Woodworking classes in Berlin as a team event for companies and bachelor parties

Our events, classes and workshops in Berlin are also great as a team event. In addition to teambuilding measures for your company, you can also book a wood workshop for your bachelor party. With your participation in our classes, you will not only support our partner, but gain new knowledge on how to work with wood. 

Book your team event via our "Team Events" page and send us an inquiry. Feel free to contact us via Live-Chat if you want to know more. 

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