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Discover courses and workshops in Frankfurt am Main

There are countless courses waiting to be discovered in Frankfurt. Whether you are passionate about cooking, want to express your creative talent in a painting class, or are looking for unique tastings, the Main metropolis offers a wide range of opportunities to learn new things and expand your skills. Experience unforgettable moments by pursuing your passions and sharing them with like-minded people. Embark on a creative adventure and find the perfect course in Frankfurt to suit your interests.

What courses are available in Frankfurt?

  • Floristry courses in Frankfurt: Discover the art of floral design and learn to create stunning bouquets and arrangements to enhance any setting.
  • Cooking courses in Frankfurt: Perfect your cooking skills and discover new recipes and techniques under the guidance of experienced chefs.
  • Creative DIY workshops in Frankfurt: Develop your creative skills in workshops and create something with your own hands.
  • Painting courses in Frankfurt: Discover your talent for painting, expand your techniques and express yourself artistically in an inspiring environment.
  • Wine tastings in Frankfurt: Expand your knowledge of different types of wine, their origins and flavor profiles in a relaxed and educational atmosphere.
  • Cocktail classes in Frankfurt: Learn how to mix cocktails and enjoy your own drinks.

How much does a workshop cost in Frankfurt am Main?

Courses in Frankfurt am Main cost between 20 and 300 Euros. The price depends on the type of course you want to take and what is included in the workshop. The following table will give you a rough idea:

Classes in Frankfurt Length Costs
Tasting in Frankfurt approx. 2-7 hours approx. €25,00-100,00
Floral design in Frankfurt approx. 1-3 hours approx. €30,00-200,00
Painting courses in Frankfurt approx. 2-7 hours approx. €40,00-75,00
Cooking classes in Frankfurt approx. 3-7 hours approx. €100,00-280,00
Cocktail lessons in Frankfurt approx. 2-5 hours approx. €60,00-100,00
Photo courses in Frankfurt approx. 2-7 hours approx. €50,00-300,00

Gift card for Frankfurt am Main

Are you looking for a special gift that will bring joy and unique experiences? A gift card is the perfect idea! Whether you want to discover the secrets of floristry, improve your culinary skills in a cooking class, express your creativity in a DIY workshop or painting course, explore the diversity of fine wines or master the art of mixing cocktails, with this gift you'll not only give new knowledge, but also unforgettable moments and the joy of discovery. Ideal for any occasion, this voucher gives your loved ones the freedom to find and enjoy their new favorite activity in Frankfurt am Main.

Team events and bachelor party activities in Frankfurt am Main

If you're planning a [team event in Frankfurt] (, konfetti offers a wide range of creative workshops specifically designed to encourage team bonding and creative development. With a variety of categories, from culinary experiences to craft courses, you're sure to find an activity that perfectly matches your team's interests. It's a unique opportunity to discover new things together, strengthen team dynamics and create unforgettable memories.

Contact us if you have any questions about our courses and workshops in Frankfurt am Main. We will be happy to help you find the right activity. Simply send us a team event request.

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