Bachelor party in Munich

Celebrate a bachelor party in Munich

Are you planning a bachelor party in Munich? The Bavarian capital has a lot to offer for bachelor parties. Besides a lively nightlife and great sights, such as the Hofbräuhaus and the English Garden, there are so many activities that you can experience in Munich. Here you can find out everything you need to know about planning a bachelor party in Munich. Whether it's a bachelor party for men or for women, we've put together some ideas for you.

What to do for a bachelor party in Munich?

Organizing a bachelor party in Munich will not be difficult. Munich offers several experiences for bachelor party activities. We have collected some ideas in Munich for you, with which you can surprise the future groom or the bride to be for sure!

Bachelor party ideas in Munich:

  • Cooking class in Munich: From sushi, to Indian cooking class, to typical Bavarian cuisine.
  • Painting class for the bachelor party in Munich: Draw a nude model at the nude drawing workshop or create a work of art over a few drinks at a painting party
  • Tasting in Munich: Experience a beer tasting with a brewery tour or taste your way through spirits at the whisky or rum tasting in Munich
  • Flower wreath tying in Munich: Create great flower hoops from beautiful flowers
  • Cocktail class as a bachelor party idea in Munich: Mix together delicious cocktails like a real bartender
  • and much more

Bachelor party ideas in Munich for women: The best bachelorette party activities

With our ideas, the bachelorette party in Munich will be unforgettable! Prepare the bride-to-be unique moments in Munich get creative together and celebrate the bachelorette party exuberantly!

Matching the outfit: Tying flower wreaths for your bachelor party in Munich

Do you want to tie unique flower wreaths to match your bachelorette party outfit? Then the flower wreath workshop in Munich is the perfect activity for your bachelorette party! Here you can get creative together and create unique flower wreaths as headdresses. In keeping with the occasion, there will be a small photo shoot for you, so that you will remember the very special day for a long time.

Painting class for the bachelorette party in Munich

Looking for a creative bachelorette party in Munich? Then visit with your girls one of our painting classes: Whether a painting party, abstract art with acrylic pouring or nude drawing in Munich - Here is the right thing for everyone. Let your creativity flow and spend an unforgettable day together.

Celebrate a bachelor party in Munich: Cocktail class

You want to celebrate your bachelorette party in Munich with your girls? How about a cocktail class? Here you learn how to mix delicious cocktails yourself - like a real bartender. Of course, there will be enough time to enjoy your own creations and toast to the special day. The perfect start to the party night for your hen party in Munich.

Bachelor party in Munich for men: the best bachelor party ideas

Are you looking for a very special bachelor party idea in Munich for men with which you can surprise the groom-to-be? Here we have compiled some bachelor party ideas in Munich with which you will spend an unforgettable time.

Barbecue or cooking class for your bachelor party in Munich

The bachelor is a true gourmet and would enjoy a unique culinary experience? How about a BBQ or a cooking class on the occasion of his bachelor party in Munich? At the BBQ course in Munich you will learn from real professionals how to prepare a tasty BBQ. Together you will enjoy perfectly prepared meat, fish or vegetables from the grill with cold drinks. At the cooking class for the bachelor party in Munich you can get to know the culinary diversity of a kitchen of your choice and prepare a delicious menu under professional guidance.

Tasting for the bachelor party in Munich

Together with the guys, you taste a specialty of your choice at the Tasting in Munich. Whether wine, cheese, coffee, beer, whiskey, rum or gin tasting, matching the preferences of the prospective groom, there is something for everyone. Learn more about the specialty of your choice from an expert, taste different varieties and embark on a culinary journey.

Photo tour through Munich for the bachelor party

You want to be creative together for the bachelor party and get to know Munich from a different side? How about a photo tour for the bachelor party through the Hanseatic city? From a photography professional you learn how to use a camera and take unique snapshots - the perfect memory of the bachelor party in Munich!

How much does a bachelor party in Munich cost?

A bachelor party in Munich costs on average between 30 and 229 euros per person. The exact costs depend on the experience for which you decide for the bachelor party in Munich. In addition, there are costs for catering, accommodation and perhaps one or the other drink to the party. ;)

Bachelor party activity in MunichDurationCosts
Cooking class in Munichapprox. 3-5 hoursapprox. 99.00-140.00 € per person
Flower wreath workshopapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 49.00-69.00 € per person
Wine tasting in Munichapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 55,00-99,00 € per person
Cocktail class in Munichapprox. 2-5 hoursapprox. 49,00-95,00 € per person
Barbecue class in Munichapprox. 4-5 hoursapprox. 120,00-180,00 € per person
Photo classapprox. 3-7 hoursapprox. 69,00-269,00 € per person
Beer Tasting in Munichapprox. 1-6 hoursapprox. 23,00-129,00 € per person
Spirits Tasting in Munichapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 79,00-85,00 € per person
Painting class in Munichapprox. 2-7 hoursapprox. 45,00-150,00 € per person

Who do you take to the bachelor party in Munich?

At the bachelor party in Munich, the best friends of the bachelor should be there. In addition, close people such as brother or sister can also come to the bachelor party. It would be good if at least 4-5 friends participate in the bachelor party in Munich, ideally you are 6-9 people. The planning of the bachelor party in Munich is usually done by the best man.

Is Munich suitable for a bachelor party?

Many groups of friends are drawn to Munich for bachelor parties. Here you can expect a lot of variety, because the Bavarian metropolis has a lot to offer. Besides the Maximilianplatz or the Sonnenstraße, which are known for the lively nightlife, many sights like the impressive Marienplatz, the famous Hofbräuhaus and unique experiences in Munich await you. Whether you are planning a bachelor party in Munich for women or for men, among our courses and workshops in Munich there is something for everyone.

You want to plan the bachelor party in Munich together with us? Please send us your request for a private event with your wishes and ideas.

Bachelor party ideas in Munich