The best team building activities for your corporate event in Hamburg

Looking for an unforgettable team building event in Hamburg? We offer you a selection of experiences that will make your next team building activity a special one. Our offers include adventure and outdoor activities, culinary experiences and creative workshops. There is the perfect event for every team. We support you in planning and realizing your corporate event in Hamburg with our online booking and planning service and are always available for personal consultation. Do not hesitate to send us a request for your team event.

Increase the team spirit with team building activities in Hamburg

Team building is an important factor to be able to work successfully in the company. Team building helps to achieve goals faster and to work more efficiently. A good working environment motivates employees and has a positive impact on their productivity. Various team building activities in Hamburg can help to strengthen cohesion and help employees to identify with the company.

What can you do as a team event in Hamburg?

Team event in Hamburg: Costs at a glance

A team building activity in Hamburg can cost between 39,00 and 249,00 euros per person. The exact costs depend on the chosen teambuilding activity and the number of participants.

Team activity in HamburgCostsDuration
Cooking classapprox. 79,00-199,00 € per personapprox. 2-6 hours
Cocktail class in Hamburgapprox. 59,00-89,00 € per personapprox. 2-3 hours
Escape room in Hamburgstarting at 39,00 € per personca. 1-2 hours
Wine tastingapprox. 30,00-249,00 € per personapprox. 2-6 hours
Tastingapprox. 24,00-89,00 € per personapprox. 2-4 hours
Painting classapprox. 44,00-70,00 € per personapprox. 2-3 hours
DIY class in Hamburgapprox. 44,00-79,00 € per personapprox. 1-3 hours
Barbecue classapprox. 120,00-149,00 € per personapprox. 3-4 hours

Outdoor team events in Hamburg

Outdoor team activities in Hamburg offer a variety of ways to unite the team and get to know the city in a new way. Possible outdoor activities in Hamburg include:

  • Boat tours in Hamburg: Admire the Hanseatic city from the water - whether on a party boat or on a raft.
  • Barbecue class in Hamburg: Experience a delicious BBQ as a team under the open sky.
  • Canoe tour through Hamburg: Paddle along Hamburg's waters and experience a real adventure!

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