Craft workshops in Berlin

Discover Craft workshops in Berlin

Learn how to do craft in our workshops. Create your own unique pieces.

Craft workshops in Berlin

You live in Berlin and like to do handicrafts and create new things yourself? You want to expand your knowledge and improve your skills? Then a craft workshop would be perfect for you! In Berlin, we offer a wide range of workshops, so you are sure to find the right class for you.

Our selection of craft workshops in Berlin

  • Screen printing classes
  • Goldsmith workshops
  • and woodworking workshops

With our range of events and workshops, you are sure to find the right craft for you and your requirements. Our handicraft workshops in Berlin are suitable for everyone who wants to try something new and wants to be active in handicraft.

What are the costs of your craft workshops in Berlin?

The price of our workshops and events in Berlin varies from event to event. But you can be certain: We will find the right event for all needs and requirements. But what we can tell you: The price differences can be explained by

  • the duration of the workshops and classes
  • the location of the events
  • the pieces you create
  • and the organizer.
Woodworking classesapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. 89,00-199,00 €
DIY workshopsapprox. 3-8 hoursapprox. 30,00-320,00 €

Our craft workshops in Berlin as a gift idea

Creative gift ideas are often hard to find. But not with konfetti. We offer our craft workshops in Berlin as a gift voucher as well. You can choose from many workshops, which are suitable for beginners as well as advanced. Your loved ones will surely be happy about it!

Craft workshops as a bachelor party activity in Berlin

Your bachelor party in Berlin should be something special? You want to make it an experience that everyone will remember with pleasure? Then how about booking our craft workshops as an activity for your bachelor party in Berlin? You and your loved ones can work with

  • different metals
  • textiles and papers
  • and different kinds of wood.

Get creative with your family and friends and make wooden tables, rings or bags with cool motifs. Your self-made unique piece will always remind you of this day. And: You can also book all our handicraft workshops as a private event, so that you can spend a nice time with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Your unique bachelor party in Berlin is just a few clicks away!

Craft workshops as a team event and bachelor party in Berlin

Are you looking for exciting team events and bachelor party ideas that require a lot of craftsmanship and are challenging? You want to strengthen the communication and trust in your team? Our classes and workshops are perfect for corporate team building activities and bachelor parties.

Submit your request for a team event now, and we will help you organize everything and ensure an unforgettable day.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via live chat.

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