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Do you want to get creative in our DIY workshops? Then you've come to the right place! Discover our various classes and workshops in your city or online. We have a workshop for everyone, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs and desires.

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Learn how to knot in our macramé workshops

Learn the different macramé knotting techniques and transform your home into an interior paradise. Knot everything from hanging baskets to keychains and give your loved one's unique handmade gifts. In our workshops, everything from yarn to the knotting board is provided for you, so you can get started immediately with knotting, braiding and twisting.

This is what you will learn This is what you will create
Different knotting techniques Your own decoration for your home
Developing an eye for detail A gift for your loved ones

Discover new ideas in our DIY workshops

You require ideas for handicrafts? Do you want to unfold your creativity? Then book our craft workshops online or in your city at konfetti! With professional guidance, you will learn how to create real works of art with cardboard and glue and have a great time together with like-minded people.

Our partners provide all the materials, so you can concentrate on your project in peace. Learn to make colorful and festive cards, or learn the Japanese art form of origami and fold hearts and cranes.

If you want to book a team event, feel free to send us a request for a private event.

Where do the DIY workshops take place?

Our DIY workshops take place both in person and online. So we can guarantee that you will find what you are looking for in your area.

What should I bring to the DIY workshops?

Most of our partners provide all the materials you need, so all you have to bring is your good mood. You can also check out the course description on the event page. Many of our partners even provide finger food and snacks.

How many people can participate in the DIY workshop?

Workshops are limited to 20 people to ensure individual guidance and mentoring. If you would like to book a private team event, the number of participants is limited to 5–10 people.

How much does a DIY workshop cost?

On average, a DIY workshop costs between 25-480 €. The amount depends on the effort and the materials used. It's best to check the respective event page for an exact price.

How long does a diy workshop last?

A diy workshop usually lasts 2-3 hours. However, this figure can vary greatly, as it depends entirely on what is being made.

Classes Duration Costs
Creating plant pictures approx. 2 hours approx. 65,00-69,00 €
Upcycling classes approx. 2-3 hours approx. 20,00-60,00 €
Painting ceramics approx. 2 hours approx. 45,00-80,00 €

Give the gift of creativity with DIY classes

Give a creative person a special treat by gifting them an inspiring DIY class. With a creative class gift card for an individual DIY course, the recipient can choose the right one from a diverse selection of classes and dates. From craft techniques such as sewing, pottery, and painting to original craft projects, there is a course to suit every taste. This unique and personal gift is sure to inspire enthusiasm and give the recipient the opportunity to live out their creative side.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us via Live-Chat.

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