Painting classes in Berlin

With our painting lessons in Berlin you'll learn to paint in no time. Start swinging your brush and creating unique works of art with beautiful colors. Our painting lessons in Berlin are suitable for both beginners and advanced painters.

What you will learn in our painting classes in Berlin

  • Acrylic painting: Quick-drying paints that are flexible and versatile to use for different effects.
  • Watercolor painting: A technique that uses water-soluble paints to create transparent and fluid effects.
  • Action painting: An expressive style in which paint is intuitively applied to the canvas, often with dynamic movement.
  • Acrylic pouring: A fluid painting technique that creates unique patterns and cellular textures by pouring and layering acrylic paint.
  • Intuitive painting: Focuses on the creative process and personal expression without a predetermined goal or outcome.
  • Techno painting: Combines visual art with electronic music to create a dynamic atmosphere during the painting process.
  • Graffiti: A street art form that uses spray paint or markers to create visual messages and artwork.

We have the right painting course in Berlin for you for every painting technique. With our artists, you will create pictures on canvas and mix unique colors with our color palettes. You'll see that creativity is for everyone and can be learned by anyone. Book one of our painting classes in Berlin now and let your creativity run wild.

How much does a painting course in Berlin cost?

On average, our painting courses last three to six hours and cost between 25 and 350 Euros. For more detailed information, please see the course description for each course.

Painting classes in BerlinDurationCosts
Acrylic painting course in Berlinapprox. 2-6 hoursapprox. €30,00-150,00
Action painting workshop in Berlinapprox. 1-4 hoursapprox. €130,00-140,00
Watercolor painting workshop in Berlinapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. €45,00-75,00
Portrait painting in Berlinapprox. 2-6 hoursapprox. €50,00-150,00
Intuitive painting course in Berlinapprox. 3-11 hoursapprox. €90,00-350,00
Himapan workshop in Berlinapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. €190,00-350,00
Acrylic pouring in Berlinapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. €120,00-125,00

What is included in a painting class?

Our painting classes are designed to be fun and creative. All materials are usually included in the painting class. This may include a canvas, brushes, paints and an apron. For more details, please see the course description for each painting event.

Painting classes in Berlin for groups: Creative team events and bachelor parties

Our events, courses and workshops are also ideal for team events. In addition to team building activities for your company, you can also book a private event for your bachelor party. And one thing we can tell you for sure, it will be an unforgettable experience. Spend a wonderful day with your loved ones or colleagues and provide creative moments at our painting classes in Berlin.

Artists that offer top painting classes in Berlin