Classes for kids near you

Classes for kids: Learning through play and creativity

Discover courses for kids where learning meets fun and every lesson is a new adventure. From creative workshops to exciting game shows, every child will find a place to discover skills that go far beyond the traditional classroom. Every child is free to develop themselves and their skills.

Daycare: Should parents stay in the kid's classes?

For most of our kid's classes, it is up to the parents if they want to stay or not. You can find more information about childcare and the length of the workshop in the course description.

What age are the kid's classes for?

Our kid's courses cover a wide range of ages - from toddlers as young as 1 year old to children as old as 12. So there is something for every stage of development and interest.

What classes are available for kids?

We offer a variety of classes:

  • Craft classes for kids: Here kids from the age of 6 can learn technical basics, manual skills and take on a DIY project in a fun way.
  • Creative classes for kids: From painting to crafts, creative development for all ages.
  • Graffiti workshops and painting classes for kids: Here children can express their creativity and paint different motifs or just paint intuitively.
  • Baking classes for kids: Kids bake a variety of treats together.

How much does a class for kids cost?

Classes for kids usually cost between 12 and 290 euros. Prices vary depending on the type of course, duration and services included. Here is a guide:

Classes for kidsAge groupDurationCosts
Craft classesFrom 6 yearsapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. €12-35
Creative workshopsFor all agesapprox. 1.5-4 hoursapprox. €20-290
Game show format eventsAges 12+approx. 2.5 hoursapprox. €35
Children's birthday partiesAdapted to age groupVariableFrom €29 per child

Children's birthday party planning

You have a child's birthday party coming up, and you're looking for an unusual idea? Our classes offer an exciting and fun way to celebrate this special day. With themes ranging from creative workshops to exciting game shows, we make sure the birthday party is unforgettable.

Three highlights of our classes for children