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The top gift idea in Freiburg

With our gift card you can gift away various events and workshops in Freiburg..


Classes and Workshops in Freiburg 

Are you looking for classes and workshops in Freiburg? Do you want to find a new hobby? Then konfetti is the right place for you! We have a wide selection of classes and experiences in Freiburg. We promise you that you will have a lot of fun :) 


Top selection of classes in Freiburg 

  • Drawing and painting classes where you create works of art 
  • Making your own natural cosmetics that is good for your skin 
  • Cocktail classes where you learn to mix your own cocktails

Find the hobby and activity that suits you. You can easily book your favorite event from home. On our homepage you can also find the partners that work with us and host our top classes, events and workshops. At the same time, you experience wonderful moments and support small businesses while also learning new skills in Freiburg.

Classes DurationCosts 
Painting classesapprox. 5 hoursapprox. 180,00€-370,00€
Natural cosmetics workshopsapprox. 3-6 hoursapprox. 109,00€-135,00€
Cocktail classesapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 66,00€-79,00€


Our gift card as a top gift idea in Freiburg

Do you need an anniversary gift for your loved one? Are you looking for a birthday present for your friend? Then you should take a look at our gift card which makes for an excellent present idea. Gift various events and classes in and outside of Freiburg. 

You can't go wrong with this present because we offer a wide range of events, workshops and experiences. This way, you have multiple gifts in one.


Advantages of our gift card for Freiburg 

  • Redeemable at any time 
  • Redeemable for more than 15 classes in Freiburg 
  • Perfect las minute gift 
  • To print out on your own 
  • Available with a gift box 


Painting classes in Freiburg 

Did you always want to learn how to paint? Do you like being creative? Then our painting classes are right for you. You can learn how to 

  • draw a still life 
  • use different color combinations
  • paint excellent paintings with new techniques

Our painting classes are for everyone in Freiburg who wants to try something new and get better at painting. Book your painting class in Freiburg now and learn how to create new masterpieces!


Team events and bachelor party in Freiburg 

Do you want to focus on teambuilding for your company in Freiburg? Are you looking for exciting bachelor party ideas near you?  Then you have found the right place. We offer all classes, workshops and events as team events.  Interested? Then send us a request for team event ideas and we will immediately help you organize your event.

If you need more information or have any questions, you can contact us via Live-Chat. We are excited to hear from you!

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