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Learn how to craft your own rings, knives and swords in our blacksmithing classes. Get creative now!

Blacksmithing classes for beginners

You want to know how to forge? Then book your blacksmithing class now and venture to the fire! Shape the iron, heat the metal and hammer away. The advantage of forging is the fact that there is little material loss, and you can change the crystal structure of the metal.

In our classes you will get to know the traditional craft and can play with the fire and the heat. You will learn to make knives, rings or swords, depending on what you want to create. It doesn't matter if you participate alone or if you want to prove your team spirit in a group: You can book your next blacksmithing event with us!

Can anyone participate in a blacksmithing class?

Yes, in principle anyone can participate in our blacksmithing class. Please read our description carefully for the exact conditions of participation. However, anyone can learn blacksmithing if he or she wants to show full physical effort and produce unique metal works.

What services are included in the price?

From the introduction to the craft to the completion of your forged object, you will be taught everything about blacksmithing by our organizers. When you participate in our blacksmithing class here at konfetti, you not only take away new knowledge, but you also get to take your work home with you.

Every time you look at your new knife or even your new ring, you will remember this special experience.

Do I need to bring tools or protective clothing to the blacksmithing class?

Materials and tools are usually provided by our instructors, so you don't need to bring anything but your passion and creativity. Check the course description for more information, so you can come to the blacksmithing class prepared. We promise that you will learn to blacksmith with us and love it.

How long does a blacksmithing class last, and what are the costs?

Our blacksmithing courses are on average 8 hours long. Average prices are usually around 120-1300 €, however you should just check the course page for more information.

Classes Duration Costs
Ring forging classes approx. 8 hours approx. 150,00-179,00 €
Knive forging classes approx. 8 hours approx. 240,00-550,00 €
Sword forging classes approx. 8 hours approx. 1300,00 €

In the course description, you will also find other useful information, such as:

  • Where does the class take place?
  • What should you bring?
  • And of course: What will be produced?

If you have further questions, please have a look at our FAQs or contact us via live chat.

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