Looking for a gift in Hamburg?

The top gift idea in Hamburg

With our gift card you can gift away various events and workshops in Hamburg.


Workshops and classes in Hamburg

Are you looking for events and classes in Hamburg? At konfetti you can discover new hobbies and activities that are guaranteed to bring some variety into your life. We have the top selection of events and workshops in Hamburg for you. 


Top workshop selection in Hamburg 

  • Cooking classes with a focus on sustainability and zero waste. 
  • Coffee classes and coffee tours 
  • and our large selection of tastings. 

Find your new passion and experience great and memorable moments. You can easily book our events from the comfort of your own home. Support local and small businesses in Hamburg with just one click and expand your knowledge and skills with the 2-3 hours workshops you attend.

Category DurationCosts
Tastingsapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 30,00€-90,00€
Cooking classes  approx. 3-4 hours approx. 149,00€-169,00€
Coffee classes and coffee toursapprox. 3-6 hoursapprox. 39,00€-129,00€


Top gift gard for Hamburg

With us you will find the top gift card for Hamburg. Make the important people in your life happy and give away beautiful experiences in and outside Hamburg with our gift voucher. With our wide selection of cooking classes, tastings and pottery classes with a price range of about 39€-179€, our voucher is the perfect gift idea for Hamburg.

Top Tastings in Hamburg

You want to participate in a tasting within Hamburg? Then book our tastings now. From food to drinks we have a great selection for you. Our tastings are for every connoisseur from Hamburg who wants to try something different and reflect the diversity and the name "The Gateway to the World" on their plate.

Tastings of unique and special food Tastings of (alcoholic) beverages
A variation of chocolates Lovely, dry and sweet wines
A variety of cheesesA wide range of gin and rum tastings 

Team events and bachelor party ideas in Hamburg

Are you looking for team events and teambuilding ideas in Hamburg? You want to celebrate your bachelor and bachelorette party in a different way? Then our workshops and events are perfect as a bachelor party idea! We offer all classes, workshops and experiences as team events for companies and individuals.

No matter if you, your friends or your team

  • participate in a barista class
  • want to learn to cook together in our cooking classes
  • want to participate in a special tasting. 

This way you will not only have a wonderful time with your team and friends, but also help regional small businesses in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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