DIY Courses in Berlin: Find creative workshops

Get creative now with our DIY courses in Berlin. Create your own unique items for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones and discover creative craft ideas to copy.

What DIY courses and creative workshops are available in Berlin?

  • Painting courses in Berlin: Immerse yourself in the colorful world of painting and discover your artistic talent in an inspiring painting course in Berlin.
  • Make your own cosmetics in Berlin: Learn how to create your own natural cosmetic products.
  • Jewelry Making in Berlin: Become a designer and create unique pieces that reflect your personality at a jewelry making workshop in Berlin.
  • Macramé weaving in Berlin: Discover the art of macramé weaving in Berlin and create beautiful decorative elements to add a special touch to your home.
  • Screen printing workshops in Berlin: Learn the fascinating technique of screen printing at a screen printing workshop in Berlin and create unique prints on textiles or paper.
  • Create collages in Berlin: Unleash your creativity by creating collages in Berlin and combining different materials to create unique works of art.
  • Hand lettering workshops in Berlin: Give your words expression and elegance with a hand lettering workshop in Berlin where you will learn the art of beautiful handwriting.
  • Woodworking workshops in Berlin: Discover the versatility of wood at a woodworking workshop in Berlin and learn how to work creatively with this natural material.
  • Ceramic painting in Berlin: Create unique ceramic pieces that will brighten up your everyday life at a ceramic painting workshop in Berlin.
  • Learn how to embroider or knit in Berlin: Create unique textiles and realize your own ideas.
  • and much more.

Gift card for DIY courses in Berlin

Are you looking for a nice and unique gift in Berlin? Then how about our gift card? The voucher is valid for all creative courses and workshops in Berlin.

How much does a DIY workshop cost in Berlin?

A DIY workshop in Berlin usually costs between 30 and 530 Euros. The price depends on the project, the duration and the materials included in the creative course. You can find detailed information about the costs in the course description.

DIY courses in BerlinDurationCosts
Painting course in Berlinapprox. 2-12 hoursapprox. €30,00-220,00
Macramé weaving in Berlinca. 3-5 hoursca. €45,00-80,00
Jewelry making in Berlinca. 2-8 hoursca. €35,00-250,00
Create collages in Berlinapprox. 2-4 hoursapprox. €50,00-100,00
Screen printing in Berlinapprox. 2-4 hoursapprox. €40,00-100,00
wood workshop in Berlinapprox. 2-8 hoursapprox. €80,00-220,00
Sewing, embroidery or knitting in Berlinapprox. 3-10 hoursapprox. €35,00-530,00

Creative workshops as a team event in Berlin

Would you like to experience a creative team event in Berlin with your team? Our DIY courses in Berlin are perfect for this. Together you will create something with your own hands and create unique souvenirs. It's an experience you'll remember for a long time.

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