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Create something new in our pottery classes. Learn to do pottery now.

Find your new hobby with our pottery classes

If you want to enjoy creating something with your own hands, then pottery is for you. Learn the techniques for shaping and designing and unfold your creativity in our pottery classes.

What you create in our pottery classes

  • Cups
  • vases
  • and bowls

Start making your unique pieces on the wheel. All the materials you need, such as sculpting clay, will be provided by our partners. What you need is your passion for your new hobby and creativity for the design of your works.

We promise that when you feel the soft clay between your fingers, you will forget all your stress and focus only on your project. However, pottery is not just about modelling: It also requires a lot of patience, as your works will first have to be glazed and burned, so they will be all the more precious to you.

Why you should participate in a pottery classWhat is made in our pottery classes?
You create unique things with your handsCups, which you can shape as you wish
Pottery includes relaxing elementsVases that are perfect as a gift idea
You can be creativeBowls for your kitchen or as decoration

Pottery classes for beginners and advanced students

We offer pottery classes for beginners as well as for advanced potters. You can find the right workshop for you on our homepage.

Where can I learn to do pottery?

At konfetti you can learn to do pottery! Our partners are located all over Germany, so we have something for everyone. And if the location is too far away, we also offer numerous online pottery classes.

Most of our partners will send you a ceramic set with everything you need. You will be taught the basic techniques via video call.

How much does a pottery class cost?

The costs of a pottery class are varies quite a bit! First of all, we have an offer for every budget that fits your needs. Our average price for our pottery workshops is 100-300 €, but this price changes depending on the location and the organizer. You can get more information on the event page.

How many people can participate?

Depending on the location and class, the number of people who are able to participate changes. Our instructors always pay attention to give everyone their individual consultation, which is why most workshops take place between 15-20 people. However, our workshops can also be booked as private events for companies or even birthdays. In this case, the person limit changes to 5-10 people.

How long does a pottery class last?

Our pottery classes are usually 3 hours long. However, this can vary greatly. It is best to check the course description for each class. There you will also find other useful information.

Pottery class in Kölnapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 79,00 €
Pottery class in Koblenzapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 90,00-99,00 €
Pottery class in Karlsruheapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 105,00 €

Helpful to know for our pottery classes

  • Where does the class take place?
  • What should you bring?
  • And of course: What kind of pottery will be made?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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