Discover exciting graffiti workshops

Dive into the exciting world of graffiti art and discover a wide range of graffiti workshops that will bring out your creative side. Here you will find the best opportunities to get to know graffiti drawing.

What is a graffiti workshop?

In a graffiti workshop, participants learn the art of graffiti painting, drawing and spraying. It is an opportunity to learn from professional graffiti artists, to discover different techniques and styles, and to live out your own creativity. A graffiti workshop offers both beginners and advanced the opportunity to improve their skills and develop an understanding of the cultural significance and history of graffiti art. Through practical exercises, demonstrations and individual feedback, participants are introduced to the world of graffiti art and have the opportunity to create their own artwork. A graffiti course provides an inspiring environment where participants can push their artistic boundaries and discover their passion for street art.

What can I learn in a graffiti workshop?

In a graffiti workshop you can learn many aspects of graffiti art, including:

  • Techniques for graffiti drawing and painting
  • Creative use of colours, shapes and lines
  • Understanding different graffiti styles and their cultural significance
  • Exploring different tools and materials used in graffiti art
  • Developing your own graffiti ideas and concepts
  • Improving your skills with spray cans and tags
  • Practical experience in creating graffiti artworks

What graffiti workshops are there?

Discover a variety of graffiti workshops:

How does a graffiti workshop work?

A typical graffiti workshop includes the following steps:

  1. Introduction and warm-up exercises
  2. Overview of techniques and styles of graffiti art
  3. Demonstrations by professional graffiti artists
  4. Practical exercises with guidance and feedback
  5. Joint or individual project
  6. Final presentation and discussion of the artworks created

How much does a graffiti workshop cost?

The average price for graffiti workshops is between 35€ and 100€, whereby this price varies depending on the location, duration and organizer.

Graffiti workshopDurationCosts
Graffiti workshop in Stuttgartapprox. 2-4 hoursfrom 35€
Graffiti workshop in Mannheimapprox. 3 hoursfrom 49€
Graffiti workshop in Berlinapprox. 4 hoursfrom 100€
Graffiti workshop in Dresdenapprox. 4 hoursfrom 45€
Graffiti workshop in Oldenburgapprox. 3 hoursfrom 50€

Is spraying graffiti legal?

There are places, such as our graffiti workshops, where graffiti is allowed in certain specified areas or with the owner's permission, such as in legal graffiti walls or art projects. Spraying on property without the owner's explicit permission is illegal and can be considered vandalism.

Graffiti workshops for groups: Plan a team event, a bachelor party or a private event

Graffiti workshops are great for private events such as team events, bachelor parties or birthday parties. With a graffiti course you can:

  • Promote teamwork and collaboration by working together on a group project
  • Unleash your creativity in a fun and interactive environment
  • Experience the unique feeling of creating your own graffiti artwork
  • Create unforgettable experiences and connect with friends or colleagues

Whether you're planning a unique team event or celebrating a special occasion, a graffiti workshop is the perfect choice to create unforgettable memories.

Give a graffiti workshop as a gift

A graffiti workshop is a unique and creative gift that is ideal for art lovers, street art enthusiasts or people who like to try new things. With a creative workshop gift card for a graffiti workshop, you give the recipient the chance to immerse themselves in the exciting world of graffiti art and develop their skills.

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