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Discover pottery classes in Munich

Discover a wide range of pottery courses in Munich. Be inspired by the fascinating world of pottery and create your own ceramics at a pottery near you. Our Pottery Courses are perfectly tailored to the needs of beginners and advanced potters and offer the right learning environment for everyone.

Get to know pottery: Pottery classes as a creative hobby

Our pottery classes in Munich offer everyone the opportunity to learn how to make pottery and express themselves artistically. If you enjoy creating something beautiful with your own hands, then pottery is for you. Perhaps you already have ideas for pottery, but lack the knowledge to make them a reality. In our classes, you will learn various techniques for shaping and designing clay and ceramics. Start now and create unique works of art out of clay.

What pottery classes are available in Munich?

  • Modeling classes in Munich: Learn different techniques to create unique clay vessels and art objects.
  • Wheel throwing in Munich: Feel the clay between your fingers and experience how your hands transform the clay into beautiful vessels.
  • Bust modeling in Munich: An intensive look at the art of modeling, ideal for those who want to specialize in faces.
  • Pottery classes in Munich for kids and families: Have fun together, be creative and learn how to make great clay souvenirs.

How much do pottery classes in Munich cost?

The cost of our pottery classes varies depending on the course location and organizer. On average, a pottery class in Munich costs between €40 and €370. You can find more information about prices and course details directly on the classes pages.

Pottery class in Munich Duration Costs
Pottery class at the potter's wheel approx. 2-14 hours approx. €65,00-370,00
Pottery class in Munich: Making tableware approx. 10-11 hours approx. €190,00-210,00
Modeling class in Munich approx. 2-3 hours approx. €50,00-100,00
Pottery class for groups in Munich approx. 2-3 hours approx. €80,00-90,00
Pottery class for kids and families in Munich approx. 2 hours approx. €40,00-65,00

For team events or private groups, feel free to send us a request.

Pottery classes in Munich: What can you expect in our pottery class?

In our pottery classes, you can expect various pottery techniques, including:

  • Pottery on the wheel: You will experience the fascinating art of pottery making on the wheel and learn how to create beautiful vessels and shapes from one piece of clay.
  • Pottery without the wheel: Discover the creative variety of pottery without a wheel. Here you can shape freely by hand and add individual details to your pottery.
  • Porcelain Workshop: Immerse yourself in the special world of porcelain and learn how you can create delicate and elegant works of art with this noble material.

When do the pottery classes take place in Munich?

Pottery classes in Munich take place on weekends as well as in the evenings during the week. Some pottery classes take place over several days as the clay dries and the pottery is made. There are also introductory pottery classes where you can get a taste of the craft.

If you have further questions about our pottery classes, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to help you!

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