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Discover cocktail courses in Berlin - Become a professional bartender

Experience how to become a master cocktail mixer with konfetti in Berlin. In our interactive cocktail courses, you will not only learn how to create your favorite drinks yourself, but also immerse yourself in the fascinating world of spirits. Perfect for anyone who lives in Berlin and wants to take their passion for cocktails to the next level.

What can you expect from a cocktail course in Berlin?

On average, the cocktail courses in Berlin last around 2-3 hours, during which you will:

  • Discover a variety of cocktail recipes.
  • Master the art of mixing.
  • Receive unique tips from professional bartenders.
  • Enjoy the drinks you mix yourself.

Gift card for cocktail classes in Berlin

Are you looking for the perfect gift? With our gift card, you can also give cocktail classes in Berlin as a gift. They are always popular and provide unique experiences and moments. And the best thing about our voucher is that you can choose from a wide range of courses and workshops. Our cocktail course voucher is just the right gift idea for all cocktail connoisseurs and lovers in Berlin.

Cocktail lessons as a team event in Berlin

Are you looking for the perfect team event in Berlin? Are you looking for team building measures and activities to strengthen the team spirit? Then our cocktail courses in Berlin are exactly the right event for you and your company.

Cocktail Lessons as bachelor party in Berlin

Looking for bachelor party ideas in Berlin? How about our cocktail workshops in Berlin? In our experience, this is a very popular bachelor party activity. Send us your request now and we will take care of it.

How much does a cocktail class in Berlin cost?

Cocktail lessons in Berlin usually cost between 49.00 and 100.00 Euros per person. The price depends on where the cocktail class takes place, what ingredients are used, how long the class lasts and what is included.

Cocktail classes in Berlin Length Costs
Cocktail course for beginners in Berlin approx. 2-3 hours approx. 59,00-69,00 €
Mocktail course in Berlin approx. 2 hours approx. 59,00-100,00 €
Mobile cocktail course in Berlin for groups approx. 2-4 hours approx. 49,00-89,00 €
Exclusive bartender show in Berlin approx. 1-5 hours approx. 890,00-1.200,00 € per group

Where do the cocktail classes take place?

The cocktail classes take place at popular cocktail bars in Berlin. There are cocktail classes in various districts of Berlin - e.g. Berlin Mitte, Berlin Schöneberg, Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin Charlottenburg, Neukölln, Zehlendorf and more.

Some cocktail workshops and cocktail shows are also available on a mobile basis in and around Berlin. This means that the bartender comes to your location with all the equipment and ingredients and organizes the cocktail course with you on site.

You can find all this and more on the respective course page. If you have any further questions, you can also contact us via live chat.

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