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Macramé class: Learn to weave macramé

Get creative with our macramé classes and create decorations for your home. Make dream catchers, wall hangings, flower garlands and much more.

Learn to knot in a macramé class

Learn the different macramé techniques and transform your home into an interior paradise. Make everything your heart desires, from a flowerpot to a keychain. Give your loved ones a handmade gift.

In our macramé workshops, you will find everything from yarn to a knitting board, so you can start knotting, braiding and twisting right away. Book your macramé class now from the comfort of your couch!

Top selection of macramé classes

Our macramé knotting classes are great for team events

Whether you are planning a bachelor party or just want to spend some quality time with your best friends: our macramé classes are perfect for this!

Where do the macramé classes take place?

Our macramé classes take place both online and offline. So we can guarantee that you will find the right workshop near you.

What should I bring to the macramé class?

Most of our partners already provide all the necessary materials, so you don't need to bring anything but your good mood. You can also check out the info box on each course description. Many of our partners even provide finger food and snacks.

How many people can participate?

Classes and workshops are limited to 20 people to ensure individual attention. If you would like to book a private group event, the number of participants is limited to 5–10 people.

How much does a macramé class cost?

On average, a macramé class costs between 40-55 €. The amount depends on the number of participants and the venue. It's best to check the specific course page for an exact price.

How long does a macramé class last?

The duration of a macramé class depends on the product to be knotted. The average duration of a macramé class is 3 hours, but this can vary greatly.

Macramé class durationMacramé class price
approx. 2 hours approx. 39,00-65,00 €
ca. 3 hoursca. 65,00-80,00 €
ca. 4 hoursca. 75,00-90,00 €

Macramé gift: give a macramé workshop

You want to give someone a creative break? Then our macramé classes are perfect. In our workshops you will weave wonderful unique macramé: macramé wall hangings, dream catchers, wind lights, key rings and more. A real pro leads through the class and shows the most important macramé knots step by step – the perfect gift for creatives! Give our macramé workshops as a Creative class gift card. The recipient chooses a class and date of his or her choice. With our macramé class, you give an unforgettable creative experience that will stay in the memory.

If you have any questions or need more information, then you can contact us via Live-Chat.

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