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Natural cosmetics classes in Berlin: Make natural cosmetics yourself

Create your own cosmetics in our natural cosmetics classes. Good for you and the environment.

Make your own natural cosmetics in Berlin

You live in Berlin and want to bring some variety into your everyday life? You like everything that has to do with makeup, skincare and fragrance oils? Then our classes all about natural cosmetics in Berlin are just right for you. In our workshops, you will learn how easy it is to make your own natural cosmetics with natural ingredients!

Learn more about the world of creams and oils, and pamper yourself and your skin with high quality ingredients. At konfetti we offer a variety of classes, workshops and experiences that are sure to meet your needs and requirements.

This is what you will make This is what you will learn
Natural perfumes and fragrance oils The right combination of ingredients
Soaps, shampoos and shower gels Which ingredients are unhealthy
Your own makeup How to become more sustainable

You can mix your own products according to your needs, and successfully take a step towards sustainability. Just check our website to see which classes and workshops in Berlin with a focus on natural cosmetics appeal to you the most. All important information about our natural cosmetics classes in Berlin can be found in the respective course description.

Natural cosmetics classes as a gift idea in Berlin

Your loved ones love natural cosmetics, andnd you want to give them a special gift? How about our gift card as a gift idea? Our natural cosmetics gift voucher is especially suitable for

  • people with a passion for makeup and skincare
  • everyone who wants to do something good for the environment and sustainability
  • want to make their own makeup and skincare products from home remedies
  • those who are looking for an unusual experience.

You can give away numerous experiences and workshops all about natural cosmetics in Berlin. For all makeup and skincare lovers in Berlin: Our gift card is the perfect present.

Natural cosmetics classes as a team event in Berlin

You are looking for a natural cosmetics team event for you and your company in Berlin? No problem, we offer a wide range of natural cosmetics workshops and classes. Make your request for a team event now, and we will be happy to help you.

Natural cosmetics classes as a bachelor party activity in Berlin

You are looking for bachelor party activities and ideas in Berlin? You are looking for events and classes with a focus on the subject of natural cosmetics? With us, you will surely find the perfect idea for your bachelor party in Berlin since we cover all of those requirements. All of our classes and workshops can also be booked as a private event, where you can spend a wonderful time with your family and friends.

How long do your natural cosmetics classes in Berlin last?

On average, the classes last 3 hours. This depends on the instructor, the location and also the time span of the activities and workshops.  Usually we can also tell you that all the utensils and products you need for the event will be provided.

How much do your natural cosmetics classes in Berlin cost?

On average, the costs are about 39-399 €. The price depends on many factors. It depends on how long the workshops last, where the activities and workshops take place, and what is included in each class.

Classes Duration Costs
Makeup tutorials approx. 4 hours approx. 399,00 €
Soap classes approx. 2,5-3 hours approx. 45,00-135,00 €
Shampoo classes approx. 3 hours approx. 49,00-59,00 €

All this and more you can find on the respective course page. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us via Live-Chat, email and phone.

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