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Food & drinks classes in Berlin

You live in Berlin and are looking for new things to do? You like to cook new dishes and taste special drinks? Then our food and beverage classes in Berlin are just right for you. At konfetti we offer a variety of experiences, workshops and events that are sure to meet your needs and requirements.

We offer a great selection of food & drinks classes in Berlin

  • Cooking classes that cover everything
  • baking classes, where you can discover new delicious recipe ideas
  • wine tastings, where you can taste noble wines and
  • tastings, where you will try everything from gin to chocolate.

We are sure you will find what you are looking for. Just check our website to see which events appeal to you the most. You will find all relevant information about our classes in the respective course description.

Our gift card for food & drinks classes in Berlin

You are still looking for a gift that is extraordinary and will bring a lot of joy to your loved ones? Then how about our konfetti gift card? Our voucher is usually well received. And the best thing is that you have numerous gifts in one and without any effort. For all gourmets in Berlin, Kreuzberg and the surrounding area, our gift card is the perfect gift idea.

Our classes around foodOur classes around drinks
We offer everything from Thai to Italian, etc…Learn how to prepare your coffee properly
Vegan, vegetarian as well as meat and fishYou will taste a variety of wine, gin, rum, beer, etc.
Learn how to bake sweet by yourselfLearn to mix in our cocktail classes

Food & drinks classes as a team event in Berlin

Are you are looking for the perfect team event for you and your company in Berlin? Team building measures and activities are next on your list to strengthen the team spirit of your company? It should be a team event with focus on food and drinks? Then konfetti is the right place for you.

The advantages of our team events are that

  • we offer team building measures and activities
  • our classes and workshops can be booked as private events
  • we help you with the organization of the event.

Bachelor party ideas all about food & drinks in Berlin

You are looking for bachelor party activities in Berlin? Are you specifically looking for events where thereis a lot of food and drinks? Then how about our cooking classes, baking classes or tastings? From experience, these are always very well received.

With us, you will surely find the perfect idea for your bachelor and bachelorette party. You can also book all of our classes and workshops as a private event, where you can spend a wonderful time with your family and friends. Feel free to send us a request for a private event!

What is included in your food & drinks classes in Berlin?

That depends on the organizer, the location and also the duration of the event. On average, the workshops last about 2 hours, but for more information, you should take a look at the course description of the respective event. Usually we can also tell you that all materials and products that you need, will be provided.

How much do your food & drinks classes in Berlin cost ?

The price also depends on many factors, which is why the prices of our events are all different. It depends on,

  • whether you take part in a tasting, a cooking class, a baking class or a wine tasting
  • how long these events last
  • where the classes and workshops take place
  • what the exact schedule of each event is.

All this and more can be found on the respective event page. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via live chat. We will be happy to help you.

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