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Celebrate your bachelor party in Berlin

You are planning a bachelor party in Berlin? A bachelor party is the perfect occasion for a trip to the capital city. Here there are many options of activities for bachelor party planning. Whether it's a cooking class, beer tasting or flower wreath tying workshop for your bachelor party, there's something here for every bride and groom-to-be! After your bachelor party workshop in Berlin you can enjoy the club scene of the city and celebrate your bachelor party or just relax in the spa hotel. Here you will find some bachelor party ideas for men and for women.

What can you do in Berlin for a bachelor party?

Planning a bachelor party in Berlin will not be difficult. The capital city offers so many possibilities for fun activities. We have collected some bachelor party ideas in Berlin for you, with which you can surprise the main person of the day definitely!

Creative bachelor party ideas in Berlin:

  • Cooking class for your bachelor party in Berlin: from Mexican cuisine, Thai to a vegan cooking class
  • Painting class in Berlin: abstract painting, action painting or nude drawing class
  • Tastings in Berlin: beer tasting, rum tasting, gin, whiskey or chocolate tasting
  • DIY Workshops in Berlin: plant picture designing, upcycling, ring designing, candle casting etc.
  • Make-up & wellness: make your own natural cosmetics, make bath balls or a private make-up party for your bachelor party in Berlin
  • Cocktail class in Berlin: cocktail mixing and tasting
  • Wood workshop in Berlin: carve or create your own wooden furniture
  • And much more

Bachelorette party ideas for women

We have collected some ideas that will make the hen party in Berlin unforgettable. With our bachelor party ideas for women you are guaranteed unique moments in the capital city!

Cooking class for your bachelorette party in Berlin

The bride-to-be is a real gourmet? At the cooking class for your bachelorette party in Berlin you will not only spend a great time together, but also learn exciting cooking tips and get to know new culinary worlds together. A real feast for the bachelorette party! With our cooking classes in Berlin you have the choice: From the Italian cooking class, the vegan Thai cooking class, the Mexican cooking class to the Ayurveda cooking class in Berlin. Of course, there will be enough time to enjoy the delicious menu for the bachelorette party in Berlin.

The matching bachelorette party look: tie flower wreaths or have fun at a make-up party

How about fitting flower wreaths for your bachelorette party outfit? In the flower wreath workshop, each of you can get creative and tie your own flower wreath. This is not only a lot of fun, with the flower wreath you also have the perfect accessory for your bachelorette photo shoot. Another great idea for the bachelor party in Berlin is a make-up party. With enough Prosecco, you will be dressed up by professional stylists. In the process, each of you will learn which colors and which make-up suits your type.

Bachelorette party in Berlin: Get creative at a painting class

Looking for a creative bachelorette party activity in Berlin? Then our painting classes are perfect: Whether action painting, watercolor painting or nude drawing. In our painting classes in Berlin you can let your creativity run wild and also create a beautiful souvenir of the unique day.

Macramé knotting for your bachelorette party in Berlin

Just want to relax for the bachelorette party in Berlin? With macramé knotting you can get creative and relax at the same time. Work together on a great memory of the bachelorette party and knot a unique work.

Berlin nightlife: Bar hopping for the bachelorette party in Berlin

You want to plunge into the Berlin nightlife for your bachelorette party? How about barhopping in the capital where you taste delicious wines in the city's bars? Or learn how to mix your own delicious cocktails at the cocktail class in Berlin - the perfect bachelorette party evening!

Bachelor party in Berlin for men: The best bachelor party ideas

Looking for that special bachelor party idea for men in Berlin? We've put together some bachelor party ideas for Berlin that are guaranteed to give the groom and his boys an unforgettable time.

BBQ experience at the bachelor party for men in Berlin

At the BBQ class in Berlin you will learn to grill like the pros. You prepare a delicious barbecue buffet that you can enjoy with a beer afterwards. So you not only spend a great time together, but also become real barbecue professionals! Whether burgers, steaks or bratwurst from the grill - at the barbecue class for your bachelor party in Berlin you will learn how to do it successfully.

Bachelor party idea for men: Wood workshop in Berlin

At the wood workshop in Berlin you get creative for the bachelor party and make great unique items out of wood - the perfect souvenir of the bachelor party! The groom is crafty or loves DIY projects? Then our woodworking classes in Berlin are the place to go. Learn together how to carve, make your own furniture out of wood and much more.

Beer tasting for a bachelor party in Berlin

How about a private beer tasting in a real brewery for your bachelor party in Berlin? Together, you can taste a wide variety of beers and learn more about beer production and what makes a good beer. Our tip: For real beer lovers and those who want to become one, our brewing class in Berlin is also the perfect bachelor party activity. You'll learn together how to brew beer and you can taste freshly brewed beer right away. Cheers!

Bachelor party in Berlin: Whiskey, gin or rum tasting

Another idea for your bachelor party in Berlin is a spirits tasting. The groom-to-be loves gin, rum or whiskey? Then you will surely find the right tasting for his bachelor party in Berlin. Learn more about the spirits of your choice and toast together to the unforgettable day.

How much does a bachelor party in Berlin cost?

A bachelor party in Berlin costs approximately between 20 and 400 euros per person. The exact cost depends on the event for which you decide for the bachelor party in Berlin. In addition, there are costs for catering, a hotel and maybe the one or other drink. ;)

For your orientation, we have summarized the costs and approximate duration of the activities for your bachelor party in Berlin:

Bachelor party activity in Berlin Duration Costs
Cooking class in Berlin approx. 2-6 hours approx. 44,00-115,00 € per person
Flower wreath workshop in Berlin approx. 2 hours approx. 59.00-69.00 € per person
Make-up party in Berlin approx. 2-4 hours approx. 45,00-399,00 € per person
Macramé workshop in Berlin approx. 3-5 hours approx. 39,00-59,00 € per person
Cocktail class in Berlin approx. 2-4 hours approx. 30.00-80.00 € per person
BBQ class in Berlin approx. 4 hours approx. 99.00-130.00 € per person
Wood workshop in Berlin approx. 2-7 hours approx. 89.00-199.00 € per person
Beer tasting in Berlin approx. 2-6 hours approx. 20,00-89,00 € per person
Tasting in Berlin approx. 2-4 hours approx. 30,00-149,00 € per person

Is Berlin a good place for a bachelor party?

If you want variety and diversity for your bachelor party, Berlin is the place to be. In addition to countless accommodations from hostels to wellness hotels, a wide range of activities for the perfect bachelor party in Berlin await you. Whether you are planning a bachelor party in Berlin for women or for men, among our classes and workshops in Berlin there is for sure something for you! Besides, you can also admire the countless sights of the capital and celebrate the bachelor party in some of Berlin's clubs.

You want to plan your bachelor party in Berlin together with us? Please send us a request for a private event with your wishes and ideas.

Bachelor party ideas in Berlin