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What do you do at a wine tasting?

Wine tastings are especially suitable for people who are gourmets and enjoy good food and drinks. When you participate in one of our wine tastings, you will proceed in several steps.

What you do in our wine tastings

  • First you will look at the beauty of the wine
  • judge the color of the liquid
  • judge the smell of the wine
  • learn what makes an excellent wine
  • last but not least, you will let the wine melt on your tongue

In addition, there will be snacks that will make your tasting even better. So, if you are ready to taste rare and fine wines, you can surely find the right wine tasting event for you.

Can I also do an online wine tasting?

At konfetti you have the possibility to do wine tastings offline as well as online. So you can choose whether you want to do a virtual wine tasting from the comfort of your home or if you prefer to visit the event in person.

How does a wine tasting at konfetti work?

Usually, the event hosts send you the product box for an online tasting directly to your doorstep. You will receive an invitation link by e-mail, where you can taste the wine with the sommelier or other wine experts.

How much does a wine tasting cost?

Prices for a wine tasting can start at 30 € and go up to 149 €. Prices vary depending on the location, duration, class expenses and the quality of the things that are being tasted.

How many people can participate in the tasting?

On average, the number of participants is limited to 15-20 people to ensure individual attention. However, you can also book private team events, which have a number of participants from up to 5-10 people.

How long does the wine tasting last?

On average, a wine tasting lasts 3 hours. However, this information can vary greatly as each tasting is planned individually.

Wine tastings without foodapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 39,00-97,00 €
Wine tastings with foodapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 39,00-70,00 €
Online wine tastingsapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 43,00-115,00 €
Wine tastings incl. painting classesapprox. 2-6 hoursapprox. 39,00-149,00€

If you need more information about a specific workshop, feel free to check the course description on the respective event page or contact us.

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