Pottery classes in Cologne: Discover your creativity with ceramics

Would you like to discover the fascinating world of pottery and create your own clay works of art? In Cologne, our diverse ceramic workshops offer the perfect opportunity to do so. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced potter - our pottery classes in Cologne invite you to live out your artistic vein.

What pottery classes are available in Cologne?

Discover a wide selection of inspiring pottery classes in Cologne:

  • Pottery classes at the potter's wheel: Learn the fascinating technique of pottery on the wheel and create unique clay objects.
  • Freehand pottery: Experiment with different methods to shape individual works of art with your hands.
  • Ceramic Glazing: Experience the art of glazing and add a personal touch to your creations.
  • Group Pottery Classes: Perfect for team events in Cologne, bachelor parties in Cologne or birthday parties - experience creative hours together making pottery.

When do the pottery classes in Cologne take place?

Our pottery classes in Cologne offer different times, from weekend classes to after-work dates. Choose the class that best fits your schedule.

Pottery in Cologne: What you learn in our pottery classes?

Depending on your choice, our pottery classes in Cologne teach different techniques for working with clay.

Some things you can learn in the pottery classes in Berlin:

  • Basics and properties of clay
  • Shaping clay with your hands and special tools
  • Making ceramic vessels on the wheel
  • Turning, Decorating and Glazing your works of art
  • Different types of clay** and their special features
  • Tips and tricks for the firing process

What can I potter about in the ceramics class in Berlin?

Let your creativity run free and implement individual ideas in the pottery course:

Some ideas of what you can potter in the pottery class:

  • Bowls, cups, plates, and vases
  • Jewelry bowls, candleholders, and incense holders
  • Figures, decorative elements and more

How does a pottery course in Cologne work?

Our workshops are structured:

  • Warm welcome and introduction to pottery: Start the class with a warm welcome and an exciting introduction to the art of pottery.
  • Individual creation under the guidance of experienced course instructors: Receive personalized support from our experienced course leaders as you shape your artwork.
  • Optional glazing of your pottery: Add a unique touch to your creations by applying the art of glazing.
  • Firing and collecting your finished artwork: Your artwork will be professionally fired, and you can proudly take it home.

How much does a pottery class in Cologne cost?

The cost of a pottery class in Cologne is usually between 35 euros and 99 euros. Prices vary depending on the duration of the pottery course and the materials required.

Pottery class in CologneCostsDuration
Pottery class and creating Ceramic Heads in Cologneapprox. 85,00 €approx. 3 hours
Freehand pottery class in Cologneapprox. 55,00 €approx. 4 hours
Pottery class for groups in Cologneapprox. 69,00 €approx. 3 hours
Pottery workshop for families in Cologneapprox. 99,00 €approx. 3 hours
Pottery whatever you feel like in Cologneapprox. 35.00-69.00 €approx. 2 hours

Pottery class for groups in Berlin: team event, bachelor party or birthday party

Are you planning a team event, a bachelor party or a birthday party? Our private group pottery classes offer creative experiences for teams and celebrations. Just send us an inquiry and we'll be happy to help.

Do you have any questions about our pottery classes? Our live chat is at your disposal. Discover the world of pottery in Cologne and experience creative hours full of fun and art!

Pottery in Cologne: This is where the pottery classes take place