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You are a real connoisseur and love delicious food? You want to cook something different than the usual stuff? Then our cooking classes in Hamburg are great for some variety in your kitchen. Discover new recipe ideas in our cooking classes. Learn how to cook now. You can easily book your cooking class online and develop new ideas for unique recipes while cooking.

What kind of cooking classes are available in Hamburg?

  • Sushi cooking class in Hamburg: In this sushi cooking class, you will learn how to prepare delicious sushi yourself.
  • Indian cooking class in Hamburg: Learn the art of Indian cuisine and cook Indian menus in our Indian cooking courses in Hamburg.
  • Vegan cooking class in Hamburg: Look forward to a fancy, vegan three-course menu.
  • Vegetarian cooking class in Hamburg: At the vegetarian cooking class, delicious dishes made from fresh vegetables are conjured up on your plates.
  • African cooking class in Hamburg: Get to know different dishes from the African cuisine.
  • Cooking class with farm tour in Hamburg: Experience a day on an organic farm in Hamburg and cook with regional ingredients.
  • Italian cooking class in Hamburg: If pasta and pizza are your world, the Italian cooking class is perfect for you.
  • and so much more

We also offer cooking ideas that are quick and easy to prepare. You can easily filter by different categories for our workshops. We are certain you will find the right cooking class in Hamburg that is to your taste. Our cooking events in Hamburg are suitable as a gift as well.

Give a gift card for a cooking class in Hamburg as a present

Our cooking classes in Hamburg are also perfect as a gift. As we all know: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And a little conviction never hurt. :) So with us, you've found the perfect gift card for Hamburg.

This is what you learn in our cooking classesOur cooking classes are suitable for you if you...
You will learn about dishes from all over the worldYou are open for different cultures
You will try out new recipe ideasYou want to bring variety into your kitchen
You will learn how to combine food properlyWant to attend a workshop where you learn a lot
Simple ideas for preparing food quicklyWant to spend an enjoyable time with like-minded people

Cooking classes as a team event and team building activity in Hamburg

Are you looking for team building activities in Hamburg for your team event? How about our numerous cooking classes? Cooking together in a team means strengthening the communication among each other. You are welcome to send us a request for a group event if you are interested.

Cooking classes for bachelor parties in Hamburg

You want to celebrate your bachelor party in Hamburg? Your bachelor party ideas mainly include activities around food? Then, our cooking classes in Hamburg are suitable for you.

What you learn in our cooking classes in Hamburg

  • You will discover new recipes
  • learn to cook together as a team
  • strengthen the team spirit.

Find top bachelor party and bridal shower activities in Hamburg and the surrounding area and ensure a culinary experience. Book your private event now. Only a few clicks separate you from a great time with your loved ones.

How much does a cooking class in Hamburg cost?

On average, cooking courses in Hamburg cost around €79-149, but for more information you should take a closer look at the course page of the respective event. The cooking courses in Hamburg last about 2–3 hours, although it must be said here that the duration depends on the location and the instructor.

Cooking classes in HamburgDurationCosts
Spice classesapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 79,00 €
Barbecue classesapprox. 4 hoursapprox. 109,00 €
Fermentation cooking classesapprox. 6 hoursapprox. 99,00 €
Online cooking classesapprox. 1 hoursapprox. 47,00 €
Indian cooking class in Hamburgapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 85,00 €
Sauces cooking classapprox. 8,5 hoursapprox. 365,00 €

Where do the cooking classes take place in Hamburg?

Our cooking courses take place in various cooking schools in Hamburg. The cooking schools in Hamburg specialize in different cuisines and therefore also offer a variety of cooking courses. With us you will find cooking classes in different districts of Hamburg, including Neustadt, Ottensen or even Eimsbüttel. Whether you prefer a cooking class in the heart of Hamburg, in the vibrant Ottensen or in the charming Eimsbüttel, we have the right place for you. Discover with us the culinary highlights of the Hanseatic city and dive into the world of cooking.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via Live-Chat.

Get to know different cuisines at our cooking classes in Hamburg