Cooking class in Frankfurt

Cooking class in Frankfurt: Learn how to cook

You are a real gourmet and love good dishes above all? You want to discover new recipe ideas for your kitchen? Then our cooking classes in Frankfurt are perfect for you. You can easily book your cooking class in Frankfurt online with us and develop new cooking ideas while cooking. Experience culinary delights at our cooking classes in Frankfurt. Discover new favorite dishes to cook. Because with us, you will learn to cook like the pros!

Top selection of cooking classes in Frankfurt

Cooking classes in Frankfurt as a gift idea

Our cooking classes in Frankfurt are also perfect as a gift for your loved ones. You can make everyone happy with our voucher and give away all our cooking classes in Frankfurt am Main. Culinary experiences are always a great gift idea and can also take place as a group activity.

Cooking classes as a team event in Frankfurt

You are looking for team building ideas and activities in Frankfurt? You want to strengthen the teamwork in your company? How about our cooking classes in Frankfurt? Cooking together in our team events means strengthening your company's teamwork. Submit your request for your cooking event in Frankfurt now.

How much do your cooking classes in Frankfurt cost?

Cooking classesDurationCosts
Kenyan cooking classesapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 90,00 €
Italian cooking classesapprox. 4 hoursapprox. 85,00 €
Healthy nutrition cooking classesapprox. 3-7 hoursapprox. 115,00-290,00 €
Asparagus cooking classapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 95,00 €
Seasonal cooking classesapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. 95,00 €

How long do your cooking classes in Frankfurt last?

Our cooking classes in Frankfurt last about 3-7 hours, although it must be said that the duration depends on the location, the workshop and the instructor. For more information, take a look at the course description.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via live chat. We will be happy to help you.

Cooking class in Frankfurt - what you can learn