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Get creative in our hand lettering workshop and create your own lettering. Learn the hand lettering alphabet and different hand lettering fonts in a snap.

What is hand lettering?

Hand lettering stands for the art of writing - which means that in hand lettering, letters are written by hand. Unlike in everyday writing, in hand lettering each letter is drawn artfully. There are different hand lettering alphabets and therefore also various hand lettering fonts. Depending on the chosen font, the artwork looks different: elegant, minimalist or playful. At the artist's discretion, different hand lettering fonts are combined in one work of art. With a little practice, beginners in hand lettering quickly learn which fonts harmonize well in combination. For example, minimalist fonts are combined with particularly sweeping hand lettering alphabets.

Learn hand lettering - What awaits you in the hand lettering workshops?

In our hand lettering classes, you will learn the basics of hand lettering. This includes different hand lettering alphabets, lettering exercises, hand lettering squiggles and other details. Eventually, you will also create your own artwork using a hand lettering template or implement your own hand lettering ideas. Of course, you can take your result home with you. There are also hand lettering courses that combine different techniques. For example, you learn how to use brush pens or create your lettering in the middle of a beautiful watercolor flower wreath.

Depending on the hand lettering workshop, the content is different. There are hand lettering workshops for beginners and for advanced artists. For whom the course is best suited, you will also find out in the class description.

What hand lettering classes are available?

What materials do you need for hand lettering?

Artists often choose to draw their lettering first with a pencil before tracing it with a fineliner or brush pen. Depending on the style, different pens are used for hand lettering. In many of our hand lettering workshops, the materials you need for your artwork are already included. In some classes, you will receive your own material box with different hand lettering pens, which you can take home for further practice. You will find more details in the class description.

Hand lettering materials:

  • Plain paper so that your hand lettering pencils do not fray
  • Pencil (hardness grade B works best)
  • Fineliner in different strengths
  • Hand lettering pens in different colors: Brush pens with a small brush tip are especially suitable for beginners, brush pens with a large brush tip require some practice

How much does a hand lettering class cost?

Depending on the duration, materials, venue and content of the hand lettering course, the costs vary. As a rule, the cost of a hand lettering class is between 30 € and 140 €.

Hand lettering class Hand lettering class duration Hand lettering class costs
Hand lettering class for beginners approx. 3 - 4 hours approx. 35-120 €
Advanced hand lettering class approx. 2 - 4 hours approx. 49-100 €
Brushlettering class approx. 2,5 - 4 hours approx. 65-100 €
Hand lettering watercolor class approx. 1,5 - 4 hours approx. 30-135 €
Hand lettering online class approx. 2 - 3,5 hours approx. 35-60 €

How long does a hand lettering class last??

You may be wondering how long it takes to learn hand lettering. A hand lettering class for beginners lasts between 3 - 4 hours. In the class, you learn the basics of hand lettering and can then diligently practice at home and thus consolidate your knowledge to soon implement your own hand lettering ideas. Since there are countless fonts in hand lettering, you can always learn something new - for example, in an advanced hand lettering workshop.

How many people can participate in the hand lettering workshop?

The average number of participants for the hand lettering class is about 15-20 people. Thanks to smaller groups, we can ensure that the instructor has enough time for individual attention to each participant.

Hand lettering workshops are also suitable as group events - for example, as team building measure or hand lettering at the bachelor party. If you are interested in a hand lettering group event, just send us an inquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with non-binding suggestions.

Hand lettering gift card

Hand lettering has a meditative and relaxing effect, which is why a hand lettering gift card is perfect as a gift for your loved ones. Spend creative time together while lettering. With the creative workshop gift card you give away a wide range of hand lettering classes.

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