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Looking for Christmas party ideas or want to plan a Christmas party with your colleagues? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will find numerous ideas for an unforgettable party!

Christmas party ideas: What can you do for a Christmas party with your colleagues?

A Christmas party with your colleagues is a great opportunity to celebrate together in a festive atmosphere and bring the year to a fitting end. Here are a few ideas to make your Christmas party unforgettable:

  • Cocktail classes: Learn from experienced bartenders how to mix delicious Christmas cocktails. Try out different creations and enjoy the taste of the festive season with your colleagues.
  • Cooking classes: Turn your Christmas party into a culinary experience. Take part in a cooking class and learn to prepare festive dishes together. Let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of the Christmas season.
  • Baking classes: Together you can conjure up the most delicious Christmas treats in the kitchen. Let the scent of freshly baked delicacies permeate your party and enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere.
  • Christmas wine tasting: Discover the variety of wines and learn how they pair perfectly with festive dishes. A wine tasting is an elegant and fun way to enjoy Christmas.

What can't be missing from a Christmas party?

To make your Christmas party a complete success, there are a few elements that should not be missing:

  • Festive atmosphere: A Christmas atmosphere with atmospheric decorations such as fairy lights, Christmas tree and Advent wreaths.
  • Music and entertainment: Appropriate background music, such as Christmas carols, to enhance the festive mood and get the party going.
  • Delicious Food and Drinks: A selection of delicious food and drinks to match the festive occasion.
  • Entertaining activities: Fun games or activities that bring the team together and make it fun.

How much does a Christmas party cost?

The cost of a Christmas party can vary depending on the activity and scope chosen. Here is an overview of the costs and duration of the classes and workshops:

Christmas party activities Cost Duration
Baking class approx. 59,00-170,00 € per person approx. 3-5,5 hours
Cocktail class approx. 59,00-109,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Cooking class approx. 55,00-149,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Wine tasting approx. 39,00-70,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Tasting approx. 49,00-159,00 € per person approx. 1–3 hours

How long does a Christmas party last?

The duration of the Christmas party depends on the activity. There is no standard duration for a Christmas party. On average, at least 3 hours should be planned. It is important to allow enough time for the party, food, entertainment, and team building activities if applicable.

If you have any questions about our Christmas parties, please feel free to contact us via Live Chat or submit a request for your Christmas party. We will then get back to you.