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Unforgettable Christmas party in Berlin: ideas and locations

Are you planning an unforgettable Christmas party in Berlin and looking for creative ideas for this festive event? You've come to the right place! We offer you numerous ideas to make your Christmas party a special experience.

What can you do for a Christmas party in Berlin?

In Berlin, there are numerous possibilities to make your Christmas party a special event:

  • Cooking event as a Christmas party: Turn your Christmas party into a culinary experience. Take part in a cooking class in Berlin with your team and conjure up festive delicacies together under professional guidance. Enjoy cooking together and let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of the Christmas season.
  • Cocktail course as a Christmas party: Discover the world of festive Christmas cocktails with our cocktail courses in Berlin. A professional bartender will show you how to mix your own drinks. Try out different variations and toast to a successful Christmas party.
  • Baking classes as a Christmas party: Dive into the world of baking with your team and conjure up the most delicious Christmas treats together in our baking classes. From fragrant cookies to festive cakes, you can try your hand as baking professionals and taste the results together afterward.
  • Tastings as a Christmas party: Discover the variety of festive delights at our Tasting in Berlin. Whether fine wines, special spirits or culinary specialties - here you can indulge your taste buds with your team and discover new delights together.

What all belongs to a successful Christmas party?

A successful Christmas party is characterized by certain elements that create a festive and harmonious atmosphere:

  • Community and cohesion: The Christmas party should bring the team closer together and provide a positive team dynamic.
  • Festive ambiance: Atmospheric decorations, festive lighting and Christmas music contribute to the right atmosphere.
  • Culinary Delights: Delicious food and drinks that match the festive occasion are simply part of the package.
  • Entertainment: Games, activities or even a Christmas performance can add fun and variety.
  • Thankfulness and Appreciation: Use the occasion to express gratitude for the year's collective accomplishments and recognize employees.

Christmas party cost and duration:

The cost and duration of the Christmas party will depend on the activity and scope chosen. Here are some sample costs and durations for various classes and workshops:

Christmas party activities in Berlin Cost Duration
Baking class approx. 59,00-170,00 € per person approx. 3-5,5 hours
Cocktail class approx. 59,00-109,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Cooking class approx. 55,00-149,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Wine tasting approx. 39,00-70,00 € per person approx. 2–4 hours
Tasting approx. 49,00-159,00 € per person approx. 1–3 hours

The duration of the Christmas party depends on the activity, but on average at least 3 hours should be planned. It is important to allow enough time for the party, food, entertainment and possible team building activities.

Want to learn more about our Christmas party offerings? Feel free to contact us via live chat or submit a request for your custom Christmas party. We look forward to helping you have an unforgettable celebration!

Christmas party ideas in Berlin