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Christmas party in Hamburg: The best ideas for an extraordinary Christmas party

The company Christmas party is the best opportunity to celebrate the end of the year with colleagues. At the same time, the planning of the Christmas party should not be neglected. After all, the right Christmas party activities in Hamburg, a festive location and perhaps a delicious Christmas dinner should be planned. With us, you will find the complete program for an extraordinary Christmas party in Hamburg 2024. We will be happy to advise you and find the right activity for you and your team. It doesn't matter if you celebrate a Christmas party for a big company, an idea for a smaller company or your Christmas party in a team, your Christmas party 2024 will be remembered positively for a long time. Just send us a request.

Christmas party activities in Hamburg

Are you looking for a special and unique corporate Christmas party in Hamburg this year? Hamburg offers a number of fun activities and festively decorated locations that can be considered for a Christmas party. We have put together some ideas for a Christmas party in Hamburg for you:

  • Cooking class for Christmas parties in Hamburg: In a cooking class, you will prepare a delicious Christmas menu, which you will then enjoy at a festively decorated table.
  • Advent wreath making in Hamburg: At an Advent wreath making workshop, you have the choice between fragrant pine greenery or a fancy model made of dried flowers.
  • Bake Christmas treats at a baking workshop in Hamburg: At a baking workshop you will bake gingerbread, cookies, roasted almonds and other Christmas specialties as a team.
  • Painting class in Hamburg: If you are looking for a creative team event in Hamburg, a painting course with professional guidance could be just the thing.
  • Create Christmas cards in a hand lettering workshop: In a hand lettering workshop, you can design unique Christmas cards that you can then send out as Christmas mail.
  • Enjoy specialties at a Christmas tasting: Whether chocolate, wine or XMAS gin, enjoy a tasting where you learn more about a specialty of your choice.

What should not be missing at a Christmas party in Hamburg?

In order for the company Christmas party in Hamburg to be a success, there are a few must-haves. These include:

  • A festive atmosphere: Candles, the scent of pine, cozy lighting and Christmas decorations all contribute to a festive atmosphere.
  • Christmas dinner or snacks: This depends on what you want your Christmas party to be. Would you like to enjoy a festive Christmas meal with your team, or would you prefer oven-fresh Christmas cookies? Are you looking forward to the classic mulled wine or how about a Christmas-themed gin tasting in Hamburg for your 2024 Christmas party?
  • Spending time together: The most important thing is that the Christmas party is a fitting end to the year. So find an activity that will be fun and bring you closer together.
  • Be thankful and appreciative: Christmas is a celebration of love and gratitude. Be thankful for all you have been able to accomplish this year. This should be celebrated.

How much does a Christmas party in Hamburg cost?

The average cost of a Christmas party in Hamburg is between 35.00 and 365.00 euros per person. The cost will vary depending on the activity, location and number of attendees. It is best to plan a fixed budget for your Christmas party in advance. Here is an overview of the costs and duration of Christmas party ideas in Hamburg:

Christmas party ideas in Hamburg Costs Duration
Christmas cooking event in Hamburg approx. 79,00-365,00 € per person approx. 3-5-5 hours
Christmas wreath making in Hamburg approx. 65,00-99,00 € per person approx. 2-3 hours
Culinary tour of Hamburg approx. 34,00-79,00 € per person approx. 2-4 hours
Specialty Tasting in Hamburg approx. 24,00-189,00 € per person approx. 2-4 hours
Painting course in Hamburg approx. 35,00-70,00 € per person approx. 2-3 hours

The length of the Christmas party in Hamburg depends on the activities. Of course, different Christmas party ideas can be combined, e.g. a team building activity followed by a delicious Christmas dinner. On average, a Christmas party should last at least three hours.

Do you want to plan your Christmas party in Hamburg 2024 with us? Please contact us via live chat or send us a Christmas party request. We will be happy to help you and organize an unforgettable event for you.

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