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Christmas party in Dresden: Creative ideas for an unforgettable celebration

You want to organize an unforgettable Christmas party in Dresden? We have inspiring ideas for you to perfectly capture your celebration with the magic of Christmas. Carefully selected activities, the perfect location and culinary highlights play a key role in creating your event. Here you will find many ideas for your Christmas party in Dresden. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas to put together a suitable program for your team. Whether you are planning a festive company party, a cozy get-together in a small circle or an atmospheric team event - your Christmas party 2024 will be characterized by a festive mood. Just send us a request and we will support you in implementing your ideas.

Ideas for Christmas parties in Dresden: Creative activities

Here you will find a selection of festive activities for your Christmas party in Dresden:

  • Communal Advent wreath tying: Tie a unique Advent wreath together and decorate it with fragrant fir greenery and magical ornaments.
  • Acrylic painting class for Christmas motifs: Dive into the world of acrylic painting and create your own works of art with festive motifs.
  • Winter grilling and cooking: Enjoy a wintry barbecue or cooking experience together and whip up delicious dishes in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Cocktail magic for Christmas party: Get introduced to the way of cocktail mixing and mix festive drinks that will lift your spirits.

The most important things for your Christmas party in Dresden

To make your Christmas party in Dresden unforgettable, some important elements are crucial:

  • Create a festive atmosphere: With candles, atmospheric lighting and Christmas decorations, you create a festive and cozy atmosphere.
  • Culinary delights: Whether festive Christmas dinner or small delicacies - food connects. A wine tasting or a cooking workshop can enrich the experience.
  • Enjoying Time Together: The highlight of any Christmas party is the shared experience. Choose activities that build team spirit and bring joy.
  • Show gratitude and appreciation: Use this opportunity to express appreciation for the work you've done together over the past year and celebrate successes.

How much does a Christmas party in Dresden cost?

The cost of your Christmas party in Dresden varies depending on the activity, location, and number of participants. An average budget is between 36,00 and 129,00 Euro per person. It is important to plan your budget in advance. Here you can find an overview of costs and duration of the activities:

Activities for your Christmas party in Dresden Costs Duration
Make your Advent wreath making approx. 45,00-54,00 € approx. 2 hours
Acrylic painting class for Christmas motifs approx. 36 € approx. 2 hours
Winter barbecue and cooking approx. 129,00 € approx. 5 hours
Cocktail magic for Christmas party approx. 55,00-79,00 € approx. 2 hours

The duration of the activities is variable. Plan at least three hours for your festive Christmas party.

Would you like to organize your Christmas party 2024 in Dresden together with us? We are happy to be there for you. Contact us via Live Chat or send us a request for an individual consultation. We will support you in organizing an unforgettable Christmas party in a festive atmosphere for your team.

Christmas party ideas in Dresden