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Discover baking class and learn how to bake

Want to learn how to bake like a real pastry chef? Whether you want to bake the perfect cake, cupcakes, macarons, bread or delicious cookies, with us, you can find baking classes near you or online. Learn step by step from real pastry chefs how to prepare a delicious dough and decorate your masterpiece. Discover new recipe ideas to try out.

Learn to bake in our baking classes

Want to learn how to make pretty cakes, delicate macarons and sweet cupcakes yourself? In our baking classes and cake classes near you, you will become a real hobby baker. Our instructors will show you the decisive tips and tricks to make every sweet dish a success. You can ask questions at any time during our baking classes and actively expand your knowledge.

What do you do in the baking classes?

  • In our baking and confectionery classes you will not only get a recipe to follow
  • A pastry chef shows you step by step how to make the creation of your choice a real success – both taste-wise and visually.
  • In addition, the baking professional will share some tips and tricks about baking with you, which you can also apply to other recipes.
  • At the end of the class, you'll have a delicious homemade cake, pie, other desserts or homemade bread.
  • And a lot of new knowledge about baking.

| What does a baking course include? | What should I bring to the baking class?| | A lot of new knowledge about baking | Motivation to bake | | A delicious dessert of your choice or a savory pastry | Hunger for your homemade masterpieces | | For online baking classes, you usually get a product box | Your product box, if it is an online baking class | | Delicious recipes that you can bake at home | Some attention to detail |

How do the online baking classes work?

  • With an online baking class, you will be sent the link to the online meeting room well in advance of the scheduled date.
  • With some online baking classes, you also receive a product box with all the ingredients for the baking class in advance.
  • And then the happy baking can begin! You will prepare a delicious cake step by step according to the recipe.
  • The instructor will guide you through the program online, provide you with baking tips and answer all your questions.
  • Of course, you can enjoy your baked masterpiece afterward – fresh from your own oven!

Are you already an advanced amateur pastry chef?

We also have baking classes near you and online that will help you deepen your knowledge of baking and keep you up to date on the latest cake trends. For example, you can learn how to decorate your cake like a real master pastry chef in a cake baking class. By sharing ideas with other baking enthusiasts, you'll learn new techniques and build on your existing baking skills. Whether it's working with fondant or preparing choux pastry, you're sure to find a baking course that meets your needs.

Top selection of baking classes

  • Macarons baking class: Prepare original French macarons.
  • Bread baking class: Bake bread yourself – whether sourdough bread or gluten-free bread.
  • Cake baking class: Learn how to layer and decorate the perfect cake.
  • Praline class: Create pretty chocolates – a great gift!
  • Cupcake baking class: Prepare fluffy cupcakes, with a delicious cream and great toppings.
  • Online baking class: In addition to on-site baking classes, you'll find a variety of online baking classes with different topics.

Fun is guaranteed! Just take a look at the course description of the respective baking course and find all the important information about the workshop, the location, and the course instructor.

Where does the baking class take place?

We have numerous organizers throughout Germany, so the likelihood that our baking courses will take place near you is very high. Simply select a location near you using the filter options. However, to ensure that everyone enjoys our baking courses, we also offer numerous online baking courses.

How much does a baking class cost?

The cost of a baking course usually ranges from 25 euros to 185 euros, with the price depending on the venue and the ingredients. For online baking courses, some partners send a product box to your home, while from other organizers you receive an ingredient list in advance with everything you need for the baking course. This explains the difference in price for online baking classes.

How long does a baking class last?

The average duration of a baking class is 4 hours, although there can be variations depending on the dessert. The best way to find out is to visit the page of the baking course you are interested in. There you will also find more useful information.

| Baking classes | Duration | Costs | | Baking cupcakes | approx. 2 hours | approx. 25,00-69,00 € | | Cake baking class | approx. 2-4 hours | approx. 32,00-170,00 € | | Bread baking class | approx. 2–5 hours | approx. 49,00-185,00 € |

The best gift for hobby bakers: voucher for a baking class

Are you looking for an original gift for amateur bakers or pastry chefs? Then our baking classes are perfect. In our baking classes, delicious treats are baked under professional guidance: be it bread, confectionery, cookies, cakes or the perfect cake. A real baking professional guides you through the program and shares some tips & tricks – the perfect gift for hobby bakers or those with a sweet tooth! Simply give away our baking classes as a baking class gift card. The recipient chooses a class and date of their choice. With our baking classes, you give away unforgettable taste experiences, which remain in the memory.

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What you can learn in our baking classes