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We offer a top selection of classes and workshops in Meerbusch and nearby. This way, we can guarantee that you get some variety in your everyday life and learn something new at the same time. Our experiences are suitable for every occasion and can be easily booked online.

Top selection of classes in Meerbusch

  • Herbal cooking classes
  • Healthy cooking classes

You can learn how to cook in no time at konfetti and discover delicious cooking ideas and dishes that are not only tasty but also very healthy.

How long do the classes in Meerbusch take?What are the costs of the classes in Meerbusch?
Simple dishes: 2 hoursca. 39,00€-49,00€
Difficult dishes: 4-7 hoursca. 79,00€-99,00€

Team events and bachelor party ideas in Meerbusch

Are you looking for eventful team events in Meerbusch? Or you just want to organize a cool party for your bachelor party? Then simply send us a request for a team event. We will help you with the further organization.

Top gift idea for Meerbusch

Our voucher is a top gift idea for everyone who comes from Meerbusch or the surrounding area. With our healthy cooking classes you have a great gift, which will surely be well received. Our voucher is also redeemable for all other classes and workshops and can be used at any time.

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Top selection of classes and workshops in Meerbusch