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You love to cook, to try new things, and generally think all the time about what you will eat and drink next? Then our events all about food and drinks are just right for you and your needs.

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  • Cooking classes
  • baking classes
  • coffee classes
  • cocktail classes
  • wine tastings
  • and tastings of all kinds.

As a gourmet, you will surely find what you are looking for at konfetti. You can attend our workshops and classes either in person or from the comfort of your home. All our workshops are adapted to your needs, so that you will soon experience culinary delights!

What is included in your food and drinks classes and workshops?

That all depends on whether you attend your class at a specific location or online. However, in the course description you will usually find all the relevant information you need. What we can tell you is this: With our online classes, you will usually get a product box or ingredient list sent to your home, so that the online event can take place without any problems.

Procedure of our cooking and baking classesProcedure of our tastings of beverages and food
Necessary ingredients are provided for youIntroduction to the history of food and drinks
Knowledge about the dishes will be providedKnowledge about tasting methods will be provided
Delicious dishes are being cooked togetherFood and beverages are being tasted together

How much do your food and drinks classes cost?

The costs are mostly between 30 € and 200 €. The big price differences can be explained by the fact that at some online events you get product boxes and a lot of extras sent to your home. In addition, the price often depends on the location and the organizer. More information can be found on the respective event page.

Are the food and drinks classes also suitable as a team event?

All of our events and workshops can be booked as a private team event. Of course, it depends on what your requirements are for the workshops and events. Are you looking for teambuilding ideas for your company? Then our tastings and cocktail workshops are the right choice.

Or would you rather celebrate your birthday? In our experience, cooking classes are a great way to discover new dishes with your loved ones and strengthen the team spirit.

How long do your workshops all about food and drinks usually last?

As with the price, it is not possible to state the exact duration of the classes. From experience, our food and beverage events usually last 2-5 hours. You can find out more by taking a closer look at the course description.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Be it by email, phone or via Live-Chat.

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