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Learn how to prepare coffee in our coffee classes. Become a Barista now.

Why should you take a coffee class?

If you are a true coffee lover, then you should take a coffee class!

  • Do you want to learn the difference between a café latte and a cappuccino?
  • Did you buy a portafilter but don't know how to use it or want to get the most out of it?
  • You want to learn how to froth milk properly and pour hearts with latte art?
  • In short: you want the perfect coffee?

Then book our coffee class in your area or as an online workshop at your home. In our workshops you will learn how to properly serve and prepare all drinks that are made with espresso.

This is what you learn in our coffee classes

  • More about the beloved coffee bean
  • the correct extraction of espresso
  • and alternative ways to prepare really delicious coffee.

Where do the coffee classes take place?

We have numerous organizers all over Germany. Thus, you will sure find a workshop in your area. But to make sure every person can learn something new, we also offer numerous online classes. Thus, all our events and workshops are adapted to your needs so you can participate comfortably from your couch at home and still have a competent teacher at your side.

How many people can participate in the coffee classes?

That depends on many factors like the location and the type of event. However, most classes are held between 15-20 people.

Our workshops can also be booked as private team events. In this case, the limit often changes to 5-10 people. For more information on group size, please see the course description on the event page.

Coffee classes as private eventsCoffee classes as public events
Participation of about 5-10 peopleParticipation of about 15-20 people
Ideal for team eventsIdeal for personal development

What does a coffee class cost?

The prices depend on various factors. But this is what we can say: Our prices start are at 69 € to 125 €, although this price can change depending on the location, the amount of ingredients and the organizer. You can get more information directly on the event page. Of course, you can also contact us for more information.

How long does a coffee class last?

Our workshops usually last 3 hours. However, this can vary greatly depending on the organizer and venue. In the course description, you will usually find all the information you need about the event.

Coffee classes for beginnersapprox. 2-4 hoursapprox. 119,00-189,00 €
Coffee classes for experienced coffee loversapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 249,00 €
Online coffee classesapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 50,00-100,00 €

If you have any further questions, contact us via Live-Chat.

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