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The best classes and workshops in Hagen

Discover a large selection of classes and workshops in Hagen. Regardless of whether you want to improve your handwork skills, are enthusiastic about grilling or enjoy a good glass of wine or a cool beer, we have something for you.

What classes are offered in Hagen?

  • Flower tying workshops in Hagen: Learn how to tie a beautiful wreath and make your home even more beautiful.
  • Art classes in Hagen: Discover your artistic side and give free rein to your creativity in our art classes.
  • Beer tasting in Hagen: Taste different beers and learn more about the history and production of beer.
  • Escape game in Hagen: Test your puzzle skills and try to escape from a locked room within a given time.
  • Barbecue classes in Hagen: Learn the art of grilling and impress your friends and family with your new skills.
  • Canoeing in Hagen: Explore the beautiful landscape around Hagen from the water and enjoy a relaxing canoe tour.
  • Dinner show in Hagen: Experience an unforgettable dinner with a stunning show and enjoy an evening full of entertainment.
  • Wine tasting in Hagen: Discover different types of wine and learn more about the cultivation, production, and tasting of wine.
  • Cocktail classes in Hagen: Become a bartender in our cocktail classes in Hagen and learn how to mix your own cocktails and prepare high-quality drinks.

How much do the classes in Hagen cost?

Here you find an overview of the costs and duration of the classes in Hagen:

Classes in Hagen Costs Duration
Cocktail classes in Hagen approx. 59,00 € approx. 2 hours
Flower tying Workshops in Hagen approx. 65,00 € approx. 2 hours
Art classes in Hagen approx. 59,00 € approx. 2 hours
Beer tasting in Hagen approx. 50,00 €-54,00 € approx. 2 hours
Escape game in Hagen approx. 45,00 € approx. 2.5 hours
Canoe tour in Hagen approx. 59,00 € approx. 3 hours
Dinner show in Hagen approx. 89,00 € approx. 3 hours
Wine tasting in Hagen approx. 65,00 € approx. 2 Hours

Gift ideas in Hagen: Gift card for classes in Hagen

Are you looking for a special gift idea for your loved ones? How about a gift card for a class or workshop in Hagen? We offer a variety of classes and workshops that are perfect as a gift.

Plan a team event in Hagen

Hagen offers a variety of activities, which are perfect for a Team event. What about a canoe tour on the Ruhr, an escape game in Hagen or a barbecue class in Hagen? These activities not only strengthen the team, but also promote cooperation.

Organize bachelor party in Hagen.

A bachelor party should be an unforgettable experience. In Hagen, there are many ways to organize an unforgettable bachelor party. A beer tasting or a dinner show are just some activities Hagen has to offer.

Why is a trip to Hagen worthwhile?

Hagen offers a wide range of activities with something for everyone. Whether you want to learn new skills or just enjoy a fun activity with friends or family, Hagen has something to offer. A trip to Hagen is always a great idea to get away from it all and enjoy new experiences.

Discover classes and workshops in Hagen