Make-up class: Learn how to put on make-up

Visit one of our make-up classes near you and learn from a real make-up artist how you can set your face in scene. In the make-up class, you'll find out which make-up suits your skin, how to apply lipstick and eye shadow correctly, and how to set great accents to match your type.

Personal make up coaching just for you

Some of our make-up courses include professional make-up coachings. Sit back and learn which make up suits your type: From foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush to eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and matching lipstick.

What is a make-up coaching?

During a make-up consultation, our make-up artist analyzes your type. Every face is unique. During the make-up coaching, our make-up artist will show you how to best accentuate and highlight the beauties of your face. The goal of the make-up coaching is to make your look shine with a few simple tricks that you can also do at home. During a make-up coaching, the make-up artist can also show you how to conceal any blemishes using make-up. The make-up artist will create several looks step by step and shares tips and tricks with you: for example, she starts with a nude make-up, which she then transforms into a night look.

What does a make-up coaching cost?

A make-up coaching costs between 55 and 129 euros. Depending on the scope of the make-up coaching, location and duration, the costs vary.

Top selection of make-up classes and make-up coachings

  • Make-up party: Learn make up from professional make up artists at prosecco
  • Private make-up consultation with make-up class: A professional make-up artist analyzes your face and shows you step by step how to put on make-up properly
  • Henna Workshop: Learn the art of henna painting and create your own henna tattoo
  • Cosmetic training to learn professional make-up: Learn browlifting or eyelash lifting
  • Make-up class for beginners: learn how to use make-up correctly and get many practical tips
  • And much more

What will you learn in the make-up class?

Do you want to learn how to do your make-up? Then you are exactly right in our make-up workshops. Depending on the topic of the make-up class, different focuses can be set.

What you can learn in our make-up classes:

  • Make-up for beginners: You learn the basics of how to create an even foundation with make-up, how to use concealer skilfully and how to apply blush and bronzer for pretty accents
  • Contouring: How to set light and shadow in your face while applying make-up
  • Make-up day looks: Learn great everyday looks and how to apply eye shadow correctly
  • Evening make-up: Classic evening looks with smokey eyes, cat eyes and more.
  • Perfect lips: Which lip color suits best?
  • Many tips and tricks around make-up
  • And so much more

What does a make-up class cost?

A make-up class costs between 40 and 499 €. The cost of the professional make-up lessons vary depending on the content, duration and location. In the overview you can find out more:

Make-up classDurationCosts
Make-up class for beginnersapprox. 1-5 hoursapprox. 40-129 €
Make-up Partyca. 3 hoursca. 60 €
Henna Workshopapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 45-60 €
Cosmetic trainingapprox. 3 hoursapprox. 499 €
Make-up course for groupsapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. 85-129 €

Make-up class for your bachelor party

Our make-up classes and make-up parties are perfect for private group events such as a bachelor or a birthday party. Together with your loved ones you spend a wonderful time and you directly create the perfect look - suitable for the occasion!

What do you need for make-up?

Depending on what kind of make-up you want to do, you need different products. These include, for example:

  • A foundation in the appropriate skin tone
  • A concealer in the matching skin tone
  • A transparent powder or a powder in the matching skin tone
  • For eye makeup: Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara
  • For the eyebrows: Brow powder or a brow pencil in the matching color
  • For lip make-up: Lipstick and contour pencil
  • For accents and freshness in the face: Rouge and bronzer

Correct make-up for beginners: What is the best way to put on make-up?

Would you like to learn how to do your make-up from real professionals? Our make-up artists will show you step by step in our make-up classes how best to apply make-up. You will learn how to correctly apply foundation, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and much more. In the coaching you learn how you can create great looks with make up: From natural everyday looks to exciting party make-ups.

Which make-up suits which skin type?

Which make-up is right for you depends not only on your skin tone, but also on your skin type. Do you have dry skin, oily skin or is your skin sensitive? Our professional make-up artists know the different skin types and will be happy to advise you during a make-up consultation which make-up suits your individual skin type.

Make-up class as a gift voucher

Give a make-up enthusiast the opportunity to perfect their make-up skills and learn new creative techniques. With a creative class gift card for an exciting make-up course, the recipient can choose the right one from a variety of classes and dates.

What kind of make up classes are available?