Find your wine tasting in Köln

You are a real connoisseur and love good wine above all else? Then we have the perfect classes and workshops for you in Köln: our wine tasting for gourmets! Taste delicious wines and discover the gourmet in you. And a big advantage: Our experiences and workshops are easily bookable online.

How do your wine tastings in Köln work?

  • Our wine tastings usually last about 2 hours
  • A sommelier explains the differences of the wines to you
  • There is an insight about the origin of wine
  • You learn what qualities make for a good wine in the first place
  • And get to taste numerous types of wine from regional winegrowers and brewers

Our wine tastings in Köln leave nothing to be desired. If you are an absolute wine lover yourself, then take part in our wine tastings. Among like-minded people, you will be part of an extravagant pleasure experience. Often, there is also delicious finger food to go with the tasting.

How much do your wine tastings in Köln cost?

On average, our wine tastings cost about 30-126 €, but for more information, you should take a closer look at the course page of the respective event.

Wine Tasting in KölnCostsDuration
Wine tourapprox. 126,00 €approx. 6 hours
Wine hoppingapprox. 30,00 €approx. 3 hours
Classic Wine tastingsapprox. 50,00-64,00 €approx. 2-3 hours
Wine and cheese tastingapprox. 75,00 €approx. 2 hours

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via Live-Chat.

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