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Wine tasting in Munich: Discover delicious wines and unique wine bars in Munich

Looking for a wine tasting in Munich? Then you've come to the right place. Visit one of the many wine shops or wine bars in Munich to taste and enjoy local and international wines. As a true gourmet, you can learn more about wine making and discover delicious wine varieties. A wine tasting in Munich is an unforgettable experience for wine lovers and those who like to discover new things.

How does a wine tasting in Munich work?

  • You will be greeted by a professional sommelier or other wine expert at the agreed meeting point
  • Together you will taste the different wines that have been specially selected for the wine tasting in Munich
  • Accompanied by the sommelier, you will immerse yourself in the world of wine and learn about the differences between wines and the winemaking process
  • At the wine seminar in Munich you will learn what makes a good wine and you will be able to exchange ideas with other wine lovers
  • You will often be offered finger food, water and bread between tastings to neutralise the taste

What wine tasting events are there in Munich?

In Munich you will find a variety of different wine tastings and wine courses:

What food is served at a wine tasting in Munich?

At wine tastings in Munich, finger food and snacks are often served to neutralise the taste between wines. Cheese, ham and bread are particularly suitable. Generally, however, food is not offered and tasted at every wine tasting event.

At some wine tasting events in Munich, a menu is served in addition to the wine tasting.

What is included in a wine tasting in Munich?

  • All wines tasted at the wine tasting event
  • A lot of knowledge about the world of wine, especially the different types of wine and the wine making process
  • Often includes snacks, finger food or a menu to match the wines
  • Water is often included to neutralise the taste.

How much does a wine tasting cost in Munich?

On average, a wine tasting in Munich costs between 45 and 245 euros. The price of a wine tasting varies depending on what is included in the wine tasting, how long it lasts and which wines are tasted.

Wine tasting in Munich Wine tasting in Munich costs Length of a wine tasting in Munich
Wine tasting in Munich approx. 45-499 € approx. 2-3 hours
Wine tasting and painting course in Munich approx. 59-99 € approx. 2-3 hours
Wine hopping in Munich approx. 79 € approx. 2-3 hours
Chocolate and wine tasting in Munich approx. 49 € approx. 2 hours
Wine tasting and dinner in Munich approx. 85-249 € approx. 4-5 hours

Wine tasting in Munich - how many people can attend?

Wine tasting groups in Munich are usually limited to 15-20 people to ensure individual attention. The wine event is guaranteed to answer all your questions about the wines.

Wine tasting in Munich for your team event or bachelor party

Our wine tastings in Munich are the perfect group activity for team events, birthdays or bachelor parties. Together you will taste and learn about the different types of wine and the wine making process. Usually five to ten people take part in group wine tastings. If you have more participants, we can find the right wine tasting event for you in Munich. Just send us a request and we will get back to you.

What you can experience at wine tastings in Munich