Discover creative Easter gifts: Give great experiences

Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings and joy. Easter is one of the best opportunities to spend time with family and friends and to get creative. So why not give something different this year than the usual chocolate bunnies or Easter eggs? How about a special experience Easter gift?

What can you give for Easter?

Here is a great selection of creative events that make great Easter gifts.

A cooking class as a creative Easter gift.

A cooking class is a great way to improve your cooking skills while spending quality time with friends or family. If you know someone who loves to cook, why not give a gift card for a cooking class as an Easter gift.

A wine tasting as an Easter gift for connoisseurs

A wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to discover new wines and learn more about the noble drop. Give a wine tasting gift certificate for Easter to a real wine lover who wants to have a good time.

Give a culinary city tour as an Easter gift

During a culinary walking tour you will learn more about the history, culture and at the same time the culinary diversity of a city. Give a culinary tour gift certificate this Easter to someone who would like to learn something new about their favorite city.

Painting workshops for beginners and advanced to give as an Easter gift

Are you looking for a creative Easter gift? In the painting course both beginners and advanced artists can give free rein to their creativity. A real artist will lead the class and share many helpful tips and tricks. Get inspired, learn different painting techniques and discover your inner artist.

Give a flower workshop for Easter and let spring come

Looking for a creative Easter gift for someone who loves plants and flowers? How about a Flower Arranging Workshop? Bring spring into the house and decorate the apartment with a beautiful flower wreath.

Selfmade Easter gifts

Our workshops and classes are full of great DIY ideas. Visit a workshop and make your own Easter gifts. Who does not like something homemade?

Some ideas for homemade Easter gifts

What are typical Easter customs?

This time of year is characterized by colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Easter customs that have been passed down for generations. Some Easter customs and traditions:

  • The Easter Egg Hunt: The Easter Bunny hides Easter eggs in the yard and children search for them.
  • The Easter bonfire: In many regions of Germany, large fires are lit to welcome spring and celebrate the end of winter.
  • The Easter fountain: A unique tradition in the Franconian region is the decoration of fountains at Easter.
  • Easter lamb and Easter bread: Sweet yeast pastries traditionally baked at Easter.

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The best creative Easter gift ideas