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Learn how to create your own natural cosmetics. For a more sustainable life.

Making natural cosmetics by yourself

In our workshops you will learn how easy it can be to make cosmetics by yourself with natural ingredients! Dive into the world of creams and essential oils and pamper your skin with natural products.

Top natural cosmetics selection

  • Precious smelling perfumes
  • Sustainable soaps
  • Shampoos and shower gels
  • Lipsticks and eye shadows
  • and much more.

You can put your skin care products together according to your individual needs and thus not only achieve radiantly beautiful skin, but also successfully take your next step towards sustainability. So book now and join our professional partners as they show you how to pamper your skin and our environment at the same time.

The advantages natural cosmetics The disadvantages of store bought cosmetics
A step towards more sustainability Often bad for the environment
Good ingredients for you and your skin Often contains unhealthy ingredients

Making natural cosmetics for your bridal shower

Our workshops are great for team events such as a bachelor parties and bridal showers. If you want to spend some quality time together with your loved ones and try something out of the ordinary, our natural cosmetics workshops are perfect for you!

Where do the natural cosmetics workshops take place and what are the costs?

Our workshops are spread all over Germany, so we can guarantee that you will find your desired workshop near you. And if it should not work out, we also offer numerous online classes, so that every person gets the opportunity to further their education and have a good time.

Our workshops that focus on making natural cosmetics start at 32 € and go up to 249 €. Prices vary depending on the location, time and effort. Many of our events also offer delicious finger food and snacks, which explains the price differences.

How many people can participate in the natural cosmetics workshop?

On average, the number of participants is limited to 15 people to make individual attention possible for you. However, private team events can also be booked, which can have a number of participants from up to 5-10 people.

How long does it take to make natural cosmetics by yourself?

Making natural cosmetics usually lasts about 3 hours. However, this can vary greatly as it all depends on what is being made in the class and where the class is being held.

Classes Duration Costs
Creating shampoos and gels approx. 3 hours approx. 49,00-98,00 €
Creating soap approx. 2-3 hours approx. 32,00-249,00 €
Creating lotions approx. 2-4 hours approx. 85,00-90,00 €

If you need more information about a specific event, feel free to check the course description on the respective event page or contact us via Live-Chat.

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