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Outdoor activities near you: Discover great outdoor experiences

The weather is nice? Take advantage of it! Explore a variety of outdoor activities and experience something special. From outdoor experiences on the water to multifaceted courses and workshops, there is an activity for everyone. Have a great time with friends, family or your team - outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

What can you do outside?

Looking for ideas for the best outdoor activities? There are so many things to do outdoors. Whether it's spending time on the water on a canoe trip, getting out into nature on a herb hike, preparing a delicious buffet at a barbecue, or solving tricky puzzles at an outdoor escape game, there's an activity for everyone. Let our ideas inspire you!

Summer Outdoor Activities

When the weather is nice, there's probably nothing better than spending time outside enjoying nature. Discover a variety of outdoor activities that are perfect for the summer, including

  • Stand up paddling
  • Canoeing
  • Learning how to grill at a barbecue class
  • Party on a boat
  • Urban sketching workshops
  • Herb walks
  • Outdoor escape games or scavenger hunts

Outdoor activities in winter

Even in winter, there are great ways to get active outdoors. These include:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Biathlon workshop
  • Capture great snapshots at the winter photo workshop
  • Outdoor escape game

The best activities on the water

You can find various outdoor activities on the water. For example, you can experience a very special adventure on a kayak or canoe tour. Train your balance with Stand Up Passling and get to know your surroundings in a new way or have an unforgettable time on a party boat.

How much do the outdoor activities cost?

Outdoor activities usually cost between 30 and 220 euros per person. The exact price depends on several factors: Which outdoor activity you choose, what the activity includes and how long the workshop lasts. In general, you can use the following table as a guide:

Outdoor Activities Duration Costs
Barbecue course approx. 3-4 hours approx. 109,00-149,00 €
Canoe tour approx. 3 hours approx. 35,00-69,00 €
Photo course approx. 3 hours approx. 79,00-99,00 €
Outdoor painting course about 3 hours about 45,00-220,00 €
Outdoor Escape Game approx. 1-2 hours approx. 30,00-39,00 €
Party boat rental approx. 3 hours approx. 99,00 €
Herb or mushroom walk approx. 3-6 hours approx. 49,00-79,00 €

What outdoor team building activities are available?

Outdoor group activities are a great idea for your next team event. Are you adventurous? Then a canoe trip, outdoor escape game or scavenger hunt might be the right team event for you. Want to have fun together? Rent one of our party boats and hit the water! Want to get creative and learn something new? How about a barbecue course, a photography course or an outdoor urban sketching workshop? Just send us a Team event request and we will get back to you. We look forward to welcoming you and your team to one of our outdoor activities.

Ideas for your next outdoor activity