Explore candy and dive into the world of candys

Do you want to savor exquisite candy? Whether you're interested in fine chocolates, delightful candies, international candy, or handmade treats, our Candy Tasting and Confectionery Courses gift card allows you to choose from a variety of tastings across Germany and Austria. Experienced confectionery experts will guide you step by step through the sweet world, sharing tips and tricks and enabling you to experience new flavor delights.

Sweet delights in our candy tastings

Would you like to learn the art of chocolate tasting, candy making, or the diversity of international candy? In our confectionery courses, you'll become a candy explorer. Our instructors will guide you through the essential steps and techniques to turn every candy into a true pleasure. Ask questions, actively expand your knowledge, and savor the sweet results.

What to expect in our candy courses

  • In our candy tastings, you'll receive a selection of delicious confections.
  • Learn the origin and history behind the candy.
  • An experienced confectionery expert will guide you step by step through the world of sweet delights, both in taste and visually.
  • Additionally, the pro will share some tips and tricks about confectionery that you can apply to other treats.
  • You can learn how to make your own candy at home.
What's Included in a candy Course?What Should I Bring to the Tasting?
A wealth of new knowledge about candyCuriosity and joy in discovery
A selection of delicious candiesAppetite for self-discovered flavor worlds
Tips and tricks for making your ownEnthusiasm for sweet details
Delicious recipes for replicationA touch of love for all things sweet

How do online confectionery courses work?

  • For an online candy tasting, you'll receive a link to the virtual tasting room before the session.
  • Some online tastings include a candy tasting box with all the required candies beforehand.
  • Then, the enjoyable tasting begins! Together, you'll step-by-step prepare the sweet delights.
  • The instructor leads the online event, provides tips about confectionery, and answers all questions.
  • Of course, you can savor your self-discovered candy masterpiece fresh afterward!

Are you already an experienced candy enthusiast?

We also have suitable candy courses near you and online. Deepen your knowledge about candy, learn the latest trends, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it's about praline-making, crafting chocolate creations, or exploring the diversity of international candy, you'll find the perfect course to meet your needs.

Top selection of candy courses

  • Chocolate Tasting: Explore the world of fine chocolates.
  • Candy Making Course: Create your own tempting candies.
  • International Candy Tasting: Enjoy a journey through sweet flavor worlds.
  • Praline Workshop: Become a master of handmade pralines.
  • Cupcake Decorating Course: Give fluffy cupcakes that special touch.
  • Online Candy Tasting: In addition to on-site tastings, we offer a variety of online tastings on different topics.

Fun is guaranteed! Simply check the course descriptions for each tasting and find all the essential information about the workshop, location, and instructor.

Where do the candy courses take place?

We have numerous organizers across Germany to ensure our candy tastings are near you. Simply choose a suitable location through the filter options. And for those who want to experience our tastings from home, we also offer many online candy tastings.

How much does a candy tasting cost?

The costs for a candy tasting typically range between 20 euros and 129 euros, depending on the location and the candies used. For online tastings, some partners send a candy tasting box in advance, while others provide a list of required ingredients. This explains the price differences for online tastings.

How long does a candy tasting last?

The average duration of a candy tasting is about 2 to 4 hours but may vary depending on the theme. Visit the page of the desired tasting for detailed information.

Chocolate Tastingapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 19.00-49.00 €
Exotic Candy Tastingapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 30.00 €
Praline and Chocolate Workshopapprox. 4–5 hoursapprox. 96.00 €

The perfect gift for candy lovers: gift card for a candy tasting

Give a candy enthusiast the chance to send their taste buds on a delightful journey. With a Candy Tasting Gift Card, the recipient can choose from various tastings and dates for the perfect event. Whether it's chocolate, candies, or international delights, a candy tasting offers the opportunity to discover new flavors and savor the sweet variety.

Looking for an original gift for candy enthusiasts? Our candy tastings are perfect. Under professional guidance, you'll discover the sweet world of chocolate, candies, and more. Simply gift our Candy Tasting Gift Card.

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