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Take a journey into the world of beer and taste a variety of beers under the guidance of a beer expert. During the beer tasting you will learn to taste and distinguish different beers.

What is a beer tasting?

Nowadays, beer tastings are considered great events where different beers from craft beer to classic Pils are sampled. In addition, the participants learn about the beers and how they are made.

Originally, beer tastings were used in breweries as a mean of quality control to ensure the good taste, smell as well as the usual appearance of the beer.

A beer sommelier or other beer expert, such as a brewer or beer distributor, guides the participants through the program. Sometimes beer tastings are combined with a brewery tour, or you learn how to brew beer yourself.

How does a beer tasting take place?

You are probably wondering what to expect from a beer tasting. Of course, the program is different depending on the beer tasting you choose. Together you will take a beer journey. In general, the following steps belong to a classic beer tasting:

  • The beer sommelier will show you how to drink beer properly and perceive all the aromas of the beer. The beer expert also provides you with plenty of background knowledge, beer stories and a few anecdotes from the world of beer and brewing.
  • Together, you take a closer look at the beer: What does a good beer look like? Learn more about the color and froth of the beer.
  • Before tasting the beers, you will smell the beer. Recognize the diverse aromas and learn to distinguish different beers.
  • Finally, the beer is tasted. During a beer tasting, several types of beer are tested. As a rule, we start with the lightest beer.
  • Use your sense of taste to observe what remains after the beer is finished: Bitterness, fruity aromas or the typical malt flavor?
  • Between tasting the beers, the flavor is neutralized - for example, with water or bread.

Which beers are suitable for beer tastings?

Depending on the topic of the beer tasting, different beers are tasted during the beer tasting. We recommend the following advice: start with the mildest beer and then move on to the stronger beers. In this order, your taste buds can gradually get used to the stronger beer flavors during the beer tasting.

Various types of beer are suitable for beer tasting: Pilsner, wheat beer, fruit beer, black beer, Kölsch, Pale Ale, Gueuze, various craft beer varieties and many more.

What do you eat for beer tasting?

To neutralize the taste buds between the different beers, food is often served at the beer tasting in addition to water. The following dishes are suitable for beer tasting:

  • Fresh bread
  • Cheese and grapes
  • Nuts
  • Some beer tastings are also combined with main meals

What beer tastings are available?

Can I participate in an online beer tasting?

You have the choice - at konfetti you can find beer tastings in your area, but you can also participate in an online beer tasting. At the online beer tasting, you usually get a product box with all beers for the tasting sent to your home by the organizer. In addition, you will receive an invitation link by e-mail, which will guide you to an online meeting space. There you will meet the beer sommelier or other beer experts to taste the beers at the appointed time. This way you can let the beer tasting take place at home.

How much does a beer tasting cost?

The prices for a beer tasting, a brewery tour or a beer brewing course are usually between 20 and 130 €. Depending on the venue of the beer tasting, the scheduled time, different beers and food for tasting, the cost of the beer tasting varies.

The duration of the beer event also varies. While the brewery tour takes one to two hours on average, the beer tasting usually lasts two to three hours.

Beer tastingBeer tasting durationBeer tasting costs
Beer tasting2 - 3 hours20 - 59 €
Online beer tasting from home1 - 3 hours40 - 69 €
Brewery tour with beer tasting1 - 2 hours25 - 45 €
Beer brewing class4 - 6 hours75 - 130 €
Beer tour2 - 3 hours35 - 100 €

How many people can participate in a beer tasting?

On average, the number of participants for the beer tasting is limited to 15 to 20 people. This way we can guarantee individual attention, and you can ask all your questions concerning the world of beer.

Beer tastings are also perfect as a group event - whether for your next team event or your bachelor party. Together you taste delicious beers and go on an unforgettable beer journey. Beer events for groups usually have between five and ten participants. If you are more participants, we should be able to find the right beer tasting for you. Just send us a request, and we will get back to you.

Which beer tastes best?

At the end of a beer tasting, the question "Which beer tastes best?" is often asked. Everyone should answer this question for themselves, because as we all know, everyone has their own taste - and that goes for beer, too. The point of a beer tasting is to try something new. Of course, in addition to many delicious beers, there may also be a beer that does not quite meet your taste. In the end, you decide for yourself which beer tastes best.

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