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Dive into the exciting world of online cooking and discover our online cooking classes. Whether you want to learn to cook on your own, plan a cooking event at home, or experience a virtual cooking class together with your partner – you'll find the right offer here. Learn from experienced professional chefs, expand your culinary skills and try out new recipes without leaving home. With our interactive and inspiring online cooking courses, nothing stands in the way of a culinary adventure.

What makes an online cooking class special?

An online cooking class offers you the unique opportunity to explore new culinary horizons from the comfort of your own home. Here are some features that make an online cooking class special:

  • Flexibility: You can participate from the comfort of your own home and are not tied to a specific location.
  • Interactivity: You have the opportunity to interact directly with the chef and other participants, asking questions and sharing tips.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: You'll receive detailed instructions and be guided step-by-step through the preparation of the dishes.
  • Variety of recipes: Online cooking classes offer a wide selection of recipes from different cuisines and with varying levels of difficulty.
  • Recordings: Often, online cooking classes are recorded, so you can access the videos and materials at any time and complete the class at your own pace.

Our top picks for online cooking classes

  • Online Indian cuisine cooking class: Discover the fascinating world of Indian spices and learn how to prepare authentic Indian dishes.
  • Online baking class – Create delicious cakes: Become a master of sweet seduction! In this online baking course, you'll learn how to create stunning cakes that not only look amazing, but taste like heaven.
  • Cooking ramen online: Dive into the delicious world of ramen and surprise yourself and others with your culinary skills.
  • Make your own ravioli online: Learn how to make homemade ravioli and discover the art of fillings and sauces. From classic combinations like spinach and ricotta to creative flavor explosions, learn how to choose the perfect filling, properly shape the dough, and cook your ravioli al dente.
  • ... and many more exciting classes.

With us, you are guaranteed to find the right online cooking experience to suit your preferences and requirements.

Procedure of an online cooking class

  1. You usually receive a product box with all the necessary ingredients and materials conveniently delivered to your doorstep.
  2. Unpack the product box and prepare for the class.
  3. Alternatively, you will receive a detailed shopping list with all the necessary ingredients and materials that you can get before the class.
  4. As soon as you have prepared everything, the virtual cooking course can start right away!

How much does an online cooking class cost?

Most of our online cooking classes cost between €25 and €80. The cost of an online cooking course can vary depending on the provider, course length and content. Here you can find an overview:

Online cooking classesDurationCosts
Online Italian cooking classesca. 2-2.5 hoursca. 39,00-59,00 €
Online baking classesapprox. 1.5-3 hoursapprox. 25,00-44,00 €
Online sushi makingapprox. 2.5 hoursapprox. 59,00 €
Online fish / meat preparationca. 2.5 hoursca. 39,00-49,00 €
Online Spanish cooking classca. 4 hoursca. 59,00 €

Gift card for an online cooking class

Surprise your loved ones with a culinary adventure! With our cooking class gift card, you can take them into a world of culinary creativity. You will discover new cooking skills and conjure up delicious dishes - all from the comfort of your own home. Whether they are already passionate cooks or want to expand their skills, our voucher offers a diverse selection of online cooking classes for every taste.

But that's not all! For you and your partner who are looking for culinary experiences together, we have the special gift card for couples. With this gift card, you can choose from a variety of online cooking classes and enjoy the art of cooking together. It's the perfect way to spend time together while you prepare delicious dishes and learn new culinary skills.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by email, phone or through our live chat.

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