Summer party with the company: the best summer party ideas 2024

Company summer party coming up? A summer party is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your colleagues and strengthen the team spirit. There is a perfect idea for every team to make the summer party unforgettable for everyone. Get inspired by our summer party program ideas. We will be happy to help you organize and prepare a summer party that you will remember with a smile on your face for a long time to come.

Why have a summer party?

Sunshine, long evenings with balmy nights, beautiful weather and good spirits are the perfect reasons to have a summer party together as a team. Almost everyone stays up late on a long summer night, spending the hours with colleagues, friends or family. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the summer and reward employees.

Summer party ideas: What to do at a summer party?

Summertime is party time! We have some ideas for you on how to make your summer party unforgettable. Be it with family, friends or the company summer party.

  • BBQ party: A barbecue is a classic and always a good idea for a summer party. Together with a real professional you will prepare a delicious barbecue buffet. Enjoy grilled meats, vegetarian alternatives, delicious side dishes and cold drinks.
  • Summer party on the water: What could be better than a warm summer evening on the water? Enjoy the time with your colleagues on a party boat, on a canoe tour or on a barbecue boat.
  • Cocktail party: Enjoy fresh summer cocktails and, best of all, learn how to mix them yourself. A toast to summer together - Cheers!
  • Outdoor escape game: Go on a mission with your team and solve exciting puzzles. The outdoor escape game presents you with a challenge or two and is perfect for a team event in the summer.
  • Great team building games for the summer party: Enjoy great games and team challenges as a team that are perfect for the summer party.
  • Food tour: Explore your city's culinary diversity and take a tour of your favorite city.
  • Wine Tasting for the summer party: How about a wine tasting with light summer wines? Learn about wine from a real sommelier and taste your way through the world of wine.
  • - DIY Workshop: Want to get creative together? How about a creative workshop for your summer party? Be it origami, a painting, a Pottery or a Woodworking.

Summer party with the company: How much does a summer party cost?

On average, the cost of typical summer party activities ranges from €20 to €180 per person. Depending on the summer party program you choose, the cost of the summer party will vary. Factors include the number of participants, the activity, what is included, and the location. This overview gives you a general idea of what your summer party will cost:

Summer Party Idea**DurationCosts
Barbecue partyapprox. 4-6 hoursapprox. 99,00-180,00 € per person
Summer party on the waterapprox. 3-4 hoursapprox. 35,00-100,00 € per person
Cocktail partyapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 49,00-80,00 € per person
Outdoor escape gameapprox. 1-2 hoursapprox. 30,00-39,00 € per person
Culinary city tourapprox. 2-3 hoursapprox. 35,00-85,00 € per person
Wine tastingapprox. 2-6 hoursapprox. 39,00-149,00 € per person
DIY workshopapprox. 2-6 hoursapprox. 20,00-149,00 € per person

How many people can I organize a summer party with?

The number of participants needed to organize a summer party depends on the activity. Many summer party ideas are possible with as few as five participants. Simply send us an inquiry about your summer party, let us know how many participants will be attending the summer party, and we will provide you with an offer that fits your plan. It is important to us that your Summer Party is special for you and that we can create an unforgettable experience for you.

What should not be missing at a summer party?

To make your summer party a real success, there are a few things that should not be missing:

  • Good food: One of the most important ingredients for a great summer party is delicious food - whether it be a full meal, like a barbecue, or some snacks.
  • Refreshing drinks: On a warm summer day, there's nothing better than refreshing drinks. How about some summer cocktails to match the occasion?
  • Music: A great playlist can set the mood for a summer party.
  • Summer Party Activities: Whether it is an outdoor escape game, a cocktail lesson, or a canoe trip, make the summer party unique.

Still have questions about your summer party? Just contact us via live chat. We will be happy to help you. If you would like to plan your summer party with us, just send us a request for your team event.

Summer party ideas: This is what you can do for a summer party