City hunt

What is a city hunt?

A city hunt is an exciting experience that combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork in the streets of your city. From digital scavenger hunts to GPS treasure hunts, each city hunt offers a unique way to discover hidden treasures while having fun with friends, family or colleagues.

How does a scavenger hunt work?

Participants are divided into teams and given a list of puzzles, tasks, or coordinates that lead them to different locations. The goal? To decipher all the clues, complete the tasks, and find the treasure or destination first. Technology, such as GPS and smartphones, often plays a key role, especially in digital scavenger hunts and outdoor escape rooms.

What can I expect from a city hunt?

  • Adventure in the city: Discover hidden places and see your city from a new perspective.
  • Teamwork: Fosters cooperation and team spirit.
  • Problem and puzzle solving: Challenge your reasoning and creativity.
  • Exercise and fun: An active way to explore the city and have fun.

Who is a city hunt suitable for?

City rallies are perfect for anyone who loves adventure - families, groups of friends, couples or team building events for companies. They are a great way to have fun together, get to know the city in a new way, and discover new places.

What kind of city hunts are there?

  • Digital city rally and GPS treasure hunt: Uses modern technology for an interactive experience.
  • Geocaching and scavenger hunts: Classic scavenger hunts with a modern twist.
  • City Hunt and outdoor escape room: Combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with the puzzles of an escape room.

How much does a city hunt cost?

A city hunt usually costs between 30 and 1050 Euros. It depends on whether you book an individual ticket or an exclusive city hunt for a group, what the city hunt includes and where it takes place.

City huntDurationCosts
Digital city huntapprox. 2-3 hoursfrom €199
GPS treasure huntapprox. 1-2 hoursfrom €30- 400
Outdoor escape roomapprox. 1.5-3 hoursfrom €30-1050

Planning a city hunt as a Team Event

City rallies are an excellent choice for team events. They encourage teamwork, provide fun and adventure, and are an unforgettable experience. It is important to plan ahead, consider the number of participants and choose the right format. We are happy to help you with the planning. Just send us a team event request.

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