Escape Room: Solve the riddle and escape the room

Ready for a real adventure? Then an Escape Room game is just the thing for you! Go on a mission with your team and uncover the mysterious secret. In the Escape Game you will encounter versatile riddles, puzzles and tricky tasks that will put your wits and courage to the test. Will you manage to solve the exit puzzle before the time runs out? Find out and plan your Escape the Room experience with konfetti!

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a game in which you as a group pursue the goal of solving a mission in a given time. In the Escape Room game, players go to different rooms and solve tricky puzzles. Within the exit room, the participants engage in a kind of role-playing game. The Escape Room is an environment created for the story behind the role-playing game.

How does the Escape Room game work?

Together with your team, you dive into an adventure. The Escape the Room game takes place at an Escape Room provider, where rooms with different themes are available. Each Escape Room hides a different mysterious story with many puzzles. The goal of an Escape the Room game is to solve the exit puzzle and thus escape the room before time runs out.

How does an Escape Game work?

  • Escape the Room Briefing: To welcome you, you will receive a briefing from the game master. He prepares you and your team for the game, explains the rules and introduces you to the story behind the Escape Room. Afterwards the game master will lead you into the Exit Room.
  • The Escape Game begins: From now on the time is running! As a rule, the Exit Game has a time limit of 60 minutes, in which you should solve your mission in order to win.
  • The Escape Game: In order to solve the mystery, you search for clues in the Escape Room. These can be, for example, riddles, keys, combinations of numbers, buttons or other puzzles that you solve as a team. In this way, you get closer to the solution step by step. Solving a puzzle often triggers an action that leads you to the next step. Attention: Many objects in the Escape Room also simply serve as a distraction.
  • You need a hint: If you get stuck, don't worry! The Game Master watches you through cameras in the Escape Room and provides you with tips if you get stuck.
  • This is how the Escape Game ends: You have solved all the puzzles in the room and completed your mission? This is the end of the Escape Room. Usually the last door opens and you have successfully escaped the room! If you don't make it in time, of course it doesn't matter!
  • Say cheese: The game master will take a photo with matching props for you, so that you will keep the day in great memory.

Team Escape: Escape Room for team building

Escape games promote cooperation, which is why they are ideally suited as a teambuilding event. To solve the exit puzzle, various clues from the room must be cleverly combined. For this to succeed, the cooperation of the participants is required in the team escape.

How many people can participate in the Escape Room?

Depending on which Escape Room you choose, the possible number of participants varies. Basically, the participation in the Adventure Room is starting from two people, but of course you can also participate in an Exit Game in a larger group. Escape Rooms are perfect for team events, birthdays or JGAs.

How long does an Escape Room last?

An Escape Room experience usually lasts one hour. Depending on the provider, the duration of the exit game varies. In some cases, Room Escape experiences last 90 minutes. There are also Escape Games that last several hours, but this is rather unusual. In addition to the duration of the actual live escape game, there is usually a briefing by the game master and a group photo at the end.

Escape the Room: Is an Escape Room scary?

Escape rooms can be scary. As a rule, however, the story behind most exit rooms is more exciting than scary. Basically, there is a suitable adventure room for every group, it all depends on what you are looking for. We would be happy to help you find the right Escape Room for your group.

Escape games follow different stories and thus have different themes. For example, it can be a detective game like a Sherlock Holmes Escape Room, a prison break, a fairy tale, a journey into the past and many more. Horror Escape Rooms represent another category. If you want to get really scared and love the thrill, a horror escape room can be something for you.

How old do you need to be to play an Escape Room?

Most providers have several Escape Rooms. Depending on the selection, there are different age restrictions. There are usually options that are suitable for children, so that families can participate in an Escape Room or a child's birthday party can be celebrated in an Escape Room. Usually, the kids should be at least 12 years old so that they can solve the exit puzzle. In case of doubt you can simply ask us, feel free to contact us via chat.

So nothing stands in the way of your Escape the Room adventure!

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