Valentine's day activities

Valentine's day activities: Things to do on valentine's day

On Valentine's Day, February 14, we celebrate love. On this day, everything is about your loved one. In addition to small gifts for Valentine's day, time spent together plays a particularly important role. We collected some ideas for your Valentine's day date 2024 for you. With these great activities for Valentine's day you will remember the special day for a long time.

Valentine's day date ideas

You want to make Valentine's Day extra special this year? We have some activities for you that are perfect for Valentine's day. Spend quality time with your loved one and create great memories together. Try something new this year for Valentine's day!

Ideas for Valentine's activities

  • Cooking class for couples for Valentine's day
  • Tying flowers for Valentine's day
  • Wellness time for two: Visit a natural cosmetics workshop
  • Painting class for Valentine's day: Get creative together
  • DIY workshop: Work on a DIY project with your partner
  • Wine tasting for Valentine's day: Taste delicious wines together
  • Tasting for couples: Taste through the world of spirits or visit a chocolate tasting
  • Barista workshop for Valentine's day

Valentine's day cooking class

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to go on a date together. A romantic cooking class for couples is the perfect Valentine's Day activity. Cook a delicious menu together under professional guidance and learn some cooking tips and tricks. You can then enjoy your self-cooked menu at a romantic candlelight dinner.

Valentine's day activity: flower arranging and plant workshops

How about flowers for Valentine's day? At a flower tying workshop, you'll create beautiful bouquets or wreaths together for your home. You are a real plant lover and have a green thumb? Then, our plant workshops are a great date idea for your Valentine's day.

Valentine's day date: wine tasting

Looking for a romantic Valentine's date? At our wine tastings, you'll taste your way through different types of wine. A professional wine sommelier will explain a lot about wine and you will learn what makes a good wine. Who knows, you might even discover your new favorite wine at the Valentine's day wine tasting - a great memory!

Valentine's day activity: Get creative together at painting class.

Get creative together on your Valentine's day date at a painting class. Put your shared ideas into action and work on a piece of art for your home. How about action painting, abstract art or nude drawing for Valentine's day?

Valentine's day ideas for singles

Finding yourself alone on Valentine's day? It's hard to just ignore Valentine's day, with Valentine's decorations in store windows, roses and happy couples as far as the eye can see. But don't worry: Valentine's day is yours! As a single, take time for yourself, treat yourself and do something that feels good for you! How about some creative time for Valentine's Day? Visit one of our workshops as a single person or spend your Valentine's Day at a workshop with friends.

What is typical for Valentine's day?

People all over the world celebrate Valentine's day on February 14 as the day of lovers. In Germany, this tradition only arrived from the USA in the middle of the 20th century. Typically, people in love give their partner roses, chocolates or Valentine's cards with love messages. But time spent together is also very popular. Many couples spend time together on Valentine's day and go on a date. In other countries, traditions look different. In England, for example, poems are given away on Valentine's day, and in Sweden, lovers give each other wine gum.

What can you gift for Valentine's day?

In addition to typical Valentine's gifts like roses, chocolates and Valentine's cards, everyone enjoys spending time together. Gift this year for Valentine's day common experiences - for example in the form of a cooking course, painting class or a tasting. At konfetti you have the choice between more than 2000 classes and workshops. A particularly great gift idea is also our voucher, so you leave your partner the choice and prepare him certainly a great joy.

Valentine's day activities: Special ideas for your Valentine's day