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Christmas party in Munich: Ideas for a great Christmas party

Celebrate the end of the year with your colleagues at a great Christmas party in Munich! Careful planning is important so that the right activities, a festive location and a delicious Christmas dinner ensure a successful event. With us, you will find an extensive program for an extraordinary Christmas party in Munich 2024. We will be happy to advise you and find the perfect activity for your team. Whether you are planning a Christmas party for a large company, ideas for a smaller company or a team celebration, the Christmas party 2024 will remain in your positive memory for a long time. Just send us a request for your Christmas event.

Ideas for your Christmas party in Munich

For the very special and extraordinary company Christmas party in Munich, we have put together some ideas this year:

  • A cooking class with delicious Christmas dinner: Cook together with your team a delicious Christmas menu and look forward to the festively decorated dining table afterward.
  • Baking course for pre-Christmas delights: Bake gingerbread, cookies, roasted almonds and other Christmas baking specialties as a team.
  • Advent wreath making: Design your own Advent wreath together for the pre-Christmas season. Choose fragrant fir greenery or creative dried flowers and decorate the wreath with festive elements such as candles, bows, and small Christmas ornaments.
  • Christmas Wine Tasting: Discover different wines that are fitting for the holiday season. Taste mulled wine, spicy red wine and fine white wine and let yourself be enchanted by the wintry aromas.
  • Tasting of Christmas specialties: Let us take you on a culinary journey through the Christmas variety. Taste specialties such as chocolate, wine, or gin and other delicacies.
  • Christmas pottery class: Create Christmas figures or decorations out of clay together. This way you can make your own Christmas decorations.

What should not be missing at a Christmas party in Munich?

In order for your company's Christmas party in Munich to be a complete success, some indispensable elements should not be missing:

  • Festive atmosphere: Candles, the scent of fir trees, cozy lighting and Christmas decorations create a contemplative mood.
  • Christmas dinner or snacks: Whether a festive Christmas menu or fresh Christmas cookies. A classic mulled wine or a gin tasting with a Christmas flair can also bring joy.
  • Common Time: The most important thing is that the year comes to a worthy end with the Christmas party. Therefore, look for an activity that is fun and brings the team even closer together.
  • Thanks and Appreciation: Christmas is a celebration of love and gratitude. Show your appreciation for the work you did together last year and celebrate the successes.

Costs of the Christmas party in Munich

The average cost of a Christmas party in Munich ranges from 59.00 to 245.00 euros per person. The exact price depends on the chosen activity, the location, and the number of participants. It is advisable to set a fixed budget for the Christmas party in advance. Here is an overview of costs and duration of Christmas parties in Munich:

Christmas party ideas in Munich Cost Duration
Christmas cooking event in Munich ca. 89,00-245,00 € per person ca. 3–5 hours
Baking class in Munich ca. 65,00-79,00 € per person ca. 2–3 hours
Mulled Wine Tasting and Wine Tasting in Munich ca. 35,00-99,00 € per person ca. 2–3 hours
Christmas Tasting in Munich ca. 49,00-149,00 € per person ca. 2–4 hours
Christmas Pottery Course ca. 44,00-190,00 € per person ca. 2–3 hours

The duration of the Christmas party depends on the chosen activities. On average, you should plan at least three hours for the Christmas party.

You want to plan your Christmas party at Munich 2024 with us? Then contact us via Live Chat or send us a request for your individual Christmas party. We will be happy to help you and organize an unforgettable event for your team.

Christmas party ideas in Munich