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Our painting classes in Köln as a top gift idea

With our gift card you can gift over 10 painting classes in Köln. Discover special gift ideas for your loved ones. With our wide selection of events, everyone is sure to find the right workshop.

Painting class in Köln


Top painting classes in Köln

At konfetti you will find top painting classes in Köln that will teach you how to conjure up works of art on paper. Therefore, learning how to paint will soon be a piece of cake for you after you have learned all our painting techniques.


Advantages of our painting classes in Köln 

  • Professional guidance from professional artists
  • You will learn new techniques 
  • We offer painting classes for beginners 
  • We offer advanced painting classes

With our wide selection of painting classes in Köln, you are sure to find the right one for you and your skills.


How long does a painting class in Köln last and what are the costs?

On average, our painting classes last 2-5 hours and cost around 29€-180€. Take a look at the course description for more information. 

Class selectionClass duration Price range 
Handlettering classes approx. 2 hours approx. 29,00€
Watercolor classes approx. 2-3 hours approx. 39,00€
Classes with different painting techniquesapprox. 3-5 hours approx. 180,00€


Painting classes in Köln as team events 

Our painting classes in Köln are very suitable as a team event for bachelor parties or teambulding activities for your company. Just send us a request for your team event. We will process it for you as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us via Live-Chat if you need more information. 

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